Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



From this picture I believe my domes are the middle and left on the bottom row. There is a small vent (hole) on either side of the top nipple. Streaming of music and phone calls are excellent. Last night went out with another couple to a very noisy restaurant. There was a table of six very loud ladies with shrill voices next to us and they were shouting back and forth throughout our dinner. I didn’t find a lot of difference in the AutoSense, Speech In Noise, or Speech in Loud Noise programs. Bottom line is I could hear all three of my companions voices fairly clearly but I could also hear the loud background noise as well but the background noise was a little subdued I think. I know if I didn’t have the hearing aids on I would not have been able to hear clearly my companions and I would have had a headache.


The changes in Marvel Acoustic Coupling/Receivers/Domes is confusing:
References are available by clicking blue links below.

Audéo Marvel Audéo B
Receivers S, M, P, UP Standard, Power, Ultra Power
Length 0,1,2,3 0,1,2,3
Dome Cap, Open, Vented, Power Open, Closed, Power
SlimTip Hard, Silicon, Titanium Hard Hollow Shell, Hard Solid Shell


On further review my domes may be the ones in the middle row. There is a very small pinhole on either side of the domes.


But @rasmus_braun is saying that Marvel uses a different set of domes. Take a look inside the Phonak documents “linked” above along with a table showing the differences. The picture that I posted is a picture of domes for previous Phonak products. Thus my point that it’s all very confusing.

eta: I removed the picture of domes for previous Phonak products (from a previous post) in order to avoid confusion.


This is the dome portfolio for Marvel products:

Feedback/Fitting Issues, Trying to ID a Dome

My old Siemens domes wouldn’t stay put and I had to go with a custom mold. The Marvel open domes don’t budge. I want to go with the vented dome (center row) for better music streaming, but I wonder if it will stay put. The design is certainly far different from the open domes.


While we are on the topic of domes, this is from the Marvel Owner’s Manual:

“The dome should be changed every three months or when it becomes stiff or brittle. This is to prevent the dome from detaching from the tube spout during insertion into or removal from the ear.”

Does anyone here change their domes on a regular basis?


I always have. Every month


When wearing domes I would never go 3 months. I would always replace them sooner than that.


I guess because I had molds before, I never realized that domes were a consumable. How many of you get free domes from your audi?


Costco provides free domes and Kaiser has supplied them for my Mom. I think on “as needed” basis could work. My Mom probably goes 6 months without issue. After that, they’re kind of fragile when changing wax guards.


I get free domes and batteries. But domes won’t work now so I had impressions done this afternoon. I chose soft with an extended conch lock. When I asked about cost I was told they were included in the package.


They are now calling their closed bubble domes vented instead. I wonder why. Do you think people demand “open” domes even when it’s inappropriate and Phonak is trying to trick them into thinking the closed domes are somehow more open?

Also, weird that the small and medium power domes are swapped in that photo.


I saw that. Just figured someone wasn’t paying attention.


Who knows why! Some marketing mind is no doubt behind it.


I’ve never changed domes on my Phonaks in the past three years. And never had a problem resulting from that practice. I use the small vented dome for the Phonak Brio2 (Costco).


So went to my Audi today for a one week follow up. Sure enough - the ‘larger’ dome was irritating my eardrum, so changed down to a small. Some more minor tweaking, and adding of a program speech in 360 - which I’m yet to try. However the dull feeling in my ear he could not isolate - and it’s very irritating to sit here and type on the keyboard, whilst I have a partially blocked sensation in one ear. It doesn’t SEEM to affect my hearing - just a sensation. Is this likely something I’ll just have to get used to - or does anybody else have any suggestions on what I could say to him to test?
He did run through some tests with me - forgive my ignorance, I’m not sure what they were - but he inserted something into my ears and ran some tests where I heard ocean sounds, then the same thing with the aids in, whilst adjusting some types of levels on his PC.
And finally - does anybody know if the bluetooth volume on my phone is turned down, does this turn the HA microphones down also?


Yes the middle row center and right appear to be the domes I am currently using. My left ear has the smaller one and I hardly know it is there. My right ear has the medium size and I do feel it and occasionally I get some itching in my ear but not overly bothersome. I’ve been wearing them for a week constantly from shortly after rising in the morning until going to bed at night, only taking them out to shower. I am getting adjusted to the louder sounds and most of the time I do have them set to the neutral or zero setting on the remote app. I have a follow up appointment next Thursday.


Today I test phonak marvels and I have an iphone xs max. I also have problems with calls.

When I move away from the iPhone and then return, the connection can not be re-established. I have to do the pairing again.

We hope it will solve …
Now I’m using an iPhone 6 which works great!


I have opened a case with Apple on the iPhone XS call issue. And I have opened a feedback note on the current iOS beta.