Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I will be trialling Marvel shortly. The compatability between Marvels and iPhone XS will be an issue for me. Other than that, can anyone help me with the following:-

  1. Any perceived difference between rechargeables and 13/312s in terms of functionality and hearing features? In theory, it should be the same, but stranger things have happened.
  2. Putting aside the specs sheet, any practical and valid differences between 50, 70 and 90 series that would make an upgrade meaningful? I need to decide on which one I will need and I am not looking to spend a bomb esp since my OPN1 is not that old yet and I have fallen for the marketing spiel way too many times (out of “I should not regret it later” concern, which doesnt really translate to real life differences later on)


Why do you want to replace OPN1?


We hope the update will arrive in January to solve problems with iPhone XS max! I can not wait!

Is it true that the marvels connect with only one bluetooth device?
I have a bluetooth gigaset in the house but if I connect the marvels with the gigaset, the iphone no longer connects with the marvels. I have to do the pairing again. After I pairing with the iphone, the gigaset no longer connects with the marvels.
This problem also happens with my macbook pro.

I gave up and stayed connected only with my iphone.
This is sad. Does it happen to you too?
Have you tried to connect with multiple devices?

Sorry for the language, I’m not practical and I’m Italian.


I’m not familiar with the Gigaset however in the Bluetooth protocol you can only be connected to one device at a time. You can pair your Marvels to many devices, but you can only be connected to one device. This is the Bluetooth standard.
I expect Phonak/Apple will resolve the issue with the mics very quickly. This is a very serious issue as it affects the iPhone flagship device.


Some devices have multiple radios to allow connection to more than one device. The Phonak Compilot 2 can connect to two phones and one more Bluetooth device. So I can stream music from a laptop and answer whichever phone rings. It mutes the streaming when a phone rings.

Disappointing the Marvel doesn’t do that but it will connect, in the fall 2019, to the Roger Pen, which will connect to two devices.


But I want to say it’s sad that I always have to unpair / pair with the marvels every time I change bluetooth device (iphone / macbook / gigaset / etc).
Is it a bug? I remember that another user complained about this.


I don’t think you have to do that. You can normally start and stop connections without unpairing. Pairing just means the two devices know each other. Connecting is when they are in range and have an active connection so they can swap data. So if you stop the connection on one device you should be able to start the connection to another device.


I do this when I change the bluetooth device. (It’s a nuisance)
Here the instructions:



You should not have to unpair when changing connections. Either your instructions are wrong or you have an issue with your Marvel hardware.


New member here, marvel is my first hearing aid. Just want to add my experience here. Whoever is saying that you don’t need to unpair to connect to a different device is wrong. Marvel can be paired to only one device at a time. To connect to a different device you need to unpair, and pair with new device by restarting the hearing aid by removing it from the ears and opening and shutting the battery door. I verified this with my laptop, MacBook and Android phone.
Talked to the Audi, they called customer support and confirmed too. They said if you are using the TV connector then you may not have to do this for that as it doesn’t use the standard Bluetooth.
If anyone is saying otherwise, please provide some proof, instead of misguiding us. Even the manual says that you can pair to one device at a time.


That is a pretty awful limitation; the process of unpairing/re-pairing takes a couple of minutes and would be totally impractical on anything more than an occasional basis. As with the B-Directs, the connectivity “features” are pretty disappointing.


Yes very awful. And if you have the disposal battery one then you have to open and close the door to restart for new pairing. No idea why there is no multifunction button to restart like as in the rechargeable ones. So I ended up using the marvel only with my phone. Have to buy TV connector for using with computer. Also have to stop using iPads, or just use it without streaming.


The amount of wear and tear on the battery doors and surrounding areas must be a lot which I wouldn’t be happy about.


Check definition of pairing versus connecting. You pair only once per device.


It does appear that the documentation claims only one pairing at a time… Crazy, but apparently true.


Pairing and connecting are different things. What I’ve heard is you can connect to one device at a time. What happens if you attempt to pair to a new device?


I understand sir. You cannot connect to a different device without restarting and pairing again. I said the same thing above. Not sure why people can’t understand. If anyone want to argue on this again, please make sure you have successfully done it once. In that case I can think about something wrong with my Marvels. But any way this was confirmed by myself, customer support, online instructions, manual etc. Not sure why people keeping on giving wrong information.


They give wrong information because what Phonak has done makes no sense whatever. Lousy software design, IMO.


Agree, Look’s like Phonak Marvel’s only has one internal table for paring connection information and need to be repaired to update table for next/new device. The Resound and Signia/Siemens allow paring to multiple devices like ipad, iphone, tv streamer and even android pixel 2/3… Still waiting for my Marvels, back ordered for Sand Beige color. IOS 12.1.3 beta 2 did not have any fix for bluetooth. Maybe both need to fix, Apple for mic and Phonak for single paring.


OK, what happens when the Marvels are already paired to a device but not connected to that device, and you attempt to pair to another device without forgetting the first device?

That scenario is how other Bluetooth devices work and it would be very strange if Phonak departed from that because there would be no reason to. It doesn’t require more radios to store pairing information, and it is a tiny amount of data. The software involved is also relatively small.