Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I have also had my Marvels for a week (fitted last Thursday). I find the phone conversations to be very good, even in very noisy rooms. The other party is able to hear me clearly and with the voice coming to both my ears I have no problem even with heavy background noise. Streaming music is also very good and I use it when I’m working out. These are my first hearing aids so I don’t have any basis for comparison but so far I am very satisfied with the Marvels. Regarding programs your audiologist should have set them up for you. There are many to choose from but only three additional (beyond AutoSense 3.0) can be input to the Hearing aids. Mine have the AutoSense 3.0 (which I use most of the time); Speech in Noise; Speech in Loud Noise; and Music. I used the Music setting at a concert last weekend and it worked fine. I’ve used Speech in Noise and Speech in Loud Noise also with success. I may have my audiologist add in the Car setting and remove one of the Speech in Noise programs as I have an old car I drive sometimes and it is very noisy with both engine and wind noise.

Regarding the dome size, my audiologist didn’t like the domes that came with the Marvels and switched into some closed domes with venting that she prefers. they seem to working well except my right ear (which has the larger dome) does occasionally itch a little which can be annoying.

Sounds like you need to have your audiologist make the necessary adjustments and also add in the three additional programs you prefer from the available list.


Can you post a picture of your domes? That may be the key to my music streaming woes.


I’m getting impressions done tomorrow for molds. Closed domes will not stay seated.


I can’t figure out how to add a photo??


Did your provider run real-ear? If they first-fit, the gain is down in the Marvels relative to older Phonak hering aids, particularly at the higher frequencies.

I also find that the closed domes are a bit bigger, so if you were previously a large you may be a medium now.


In the little icon bar above the text entry box there’s an icon that has an up arrow. Click that and upload whatever file from your device and it will automagically insert it into your post.


So are molds brand specific, or could you pop the molds off of your old aids and stick them on the new?


I used domes on the old aids. Never had a problem till the double dome closed. Won’t stay at home. Of course they’d be fine if I didn’t talk, laugh, smile, eat or do anything else where the jaw moves.

That said the Oticon and Widex receivers are a bit different so probably would not be interchangeable with molds


Molds are somewhat brand and model specific for RIC style aids although there are some happy accidents. BTE aids can be more universal because the tubing may be somewhat standard.


Okay, here is the photo. The dome on the right if a medium vented closed dome and the one on the left is a small. My audiologist prefers this style and she was unable to achieve the REM results she wanted with the domes that came with the Marvels.


Those are Marvel domes. They are just closed instead of open.


Interesting that you called them Marvel Domes. They are the same as normal Phonak domes, right?

Edit to remove picture of previous Phonak domes in order to avoid confusion with Phonak Marvel domes which have some changes/differences from previous domes.


Marvels aren’t currently compatible with iPhone 10Xs - the microphone cuts in and out. Phonak doesn’t have any timeline on when to expect a fix from them or Apple. Music streaming is great, but I bought these solely for the bluetooth phone call feature. Very disappointed.


Marvel uses a different set of domes than previous Phonak products.


I received the exact same response.


Very disappointing on the Xs connectivity…I am hoping with each update that it will work!!!
Until then…I keep wearing my Starkey’s…cant go without phone interaction!


I’m thinking of requesting a vented closed dome, just to improve the music streaming.


If it’s closed it ain’t vented.


Actually not so they have a single vent, only the power dome is completely closed.


I’m referring to the center row in the picture, as opposed to the top row. Edit: …of the picture that is no longer there. :thinking: