Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I hope you come to enjoy streaming music. Perhaps I find it pleasant because my previous HAs were Phonak V90s with the com pilot air streamer. I find both the Marvels and my previous as noted to sound much better than the Resound Quattros which I returned. It might be personal preference though.

I find that wires conform to the shape of my ear and fit better within a day or two of first getting them.

I am impressed with the onboard buttons. Particularly how you can turn up and down the sound in streaming mode which actually turns down or up the environmental sounds.

Overall I think my streaming sounds a bit too loud, so will ask to turn that down if possible.


After @Neville 's post and further reading about Oticon Opn’s Feedback Analyzer I take that back. There are other benefits for running the Feedback Analyzer!


I have read your posts and part of my decision to go with the Marvels instead of the Resound Quattros is based on your comments as well of those of others on the Quattros discussion on this forum. I’m hopeful the Marvels will meet my expectations.
I’m still curious if anyone really knows how the Input Dynamic Range of the Marvels compares to the Quattros and also the ability to adjust up to 9.6Khz???


Which version of autosense do phonak sky venture hearing aids have?


Since the sound is “spot on” I would save the money, but if that is not an issue (money) you could ask for REM. You could always go back to the settings you have now. What is REM: “the purpose of real-ear measurement is to compare and verify the real-ear acoustical characteristics of a hearing aid with a prescription target.”

If you ask every HA user here, if they got the test - I guess most havent.

In the end - Whats matter its what kind of sound you like.

The question is “have you tasted the best fruit or is it better out there”.


I think it depends of the level of the technology: Sky Venture V30/V50/V70 or V90. But I am not sure. May be someone more informed than I am can confirm it


I hope you will be as happy with them as I am with mine! After the Quattros, I really didn’t want to try new HA, but with 100% insurance, and knowing how much I loved going from my old Phonak to the V90’s, I wanted to give the, a try. So happy I didn’t wait.


First version of AutoSense.

The marvels are AutoSense 3.0.


I thought the open domes would explain it?


My experience with music streaming is that there’s little to no bass unless you’ve got something like power domes OR you can strongly boost the low frequencies in the streaming program. Indeed, with my Nx’s, I get terrific streaming sound with vented sleeves by doing the latter (boosting low frequencies). In Connexx, there’s a handle below 100Hz; in Target, the lowest is 170Hz; that’s why I worry about music quality (i.e. inability to boost bass sufficiently). Does this make sense?


My resound Quattro had little bass when streaming. My Audi did a bass boost program change for streaming mode, but it still didn’t sound like a full complete music sound. Oh and I also switched to closed domes.

This was in comparison to my previous HA Phonak V90 with Compilot air to stream. The Quattros just didn’t give the the base that my old HAs could through streaming.

When I returned the Quattros and ordered the Marvels, I was worried I needed a clip on streamer since the Quattros sounded so “tin-ny”.

Thankfully, the Marvel streaming has plenty of bass sound when streaming. I’m using the domes that came with the Marvels. The full complete sound I get when streaming with the Marvels has a great balance of treble and bass.


I never had a loss of bass or poor sound quality streaming with my older Phonak V90s with Compilot air streamer and open domes. Same for the Marvels with these newfangled open domes


Thanks for the replies!


It’s kinda hard to find the power output spectrum on the Phonak website for Phonak Marvels whereas it’s easy for Quattro’s. It’s included in the owner’s manual! Little bit hard to see (without Phonak power spectrum) how Phonak Marvel’s have more bass as neither claims to output below 100 Hz. But in case anyone can come up with a Phonak Marvel output spectrum, here for comparison is the spectrum of Quattro’s with a RIE - MP receiver (presumably open domes).

And related to that, without knowing the details of each fitting, what if you went to your audi (same or different?) after trialing the Quattro’s and complained they don’t have enough bass? So to oblige in trialing the Phonak’s, the audi cranked up the bass beyond the ideal theoretical fitting for the Phonak’s… So that sort of tweak, unless your audi swears it’s a 1:1 comparison, could bias your perceived results.


I tested Marvels (90’s M-R) last week for my first hearing aids with severe-profound loss. Closed double domes and it was weird for me as they were my first.

I was annoyed at how “tinny” and mechanical everything sounded, the pressure in my ear canal would make the aids not work very well at times. I understand now this is just me being new to HAs.

Streaming was wonderful, phone calls perfect. Conference calls (me on phone, others on speaker phones) was great! I could finally make out what others were saying, something that hasn’t happened before in a long time.

I am testing resound’s quattro 9 now and streaming is mediocre compared to the marvels. The bass as stated above is less. I switched to the same domes I had in the marvels and they sounded a little better, but not as good. Lots more screeching at the beginning and ending of words than the marvels.

I had impressions done today, so my guess is after this week I will go with the marvels with custom molds.


My 3 year old Phonak V 90’s with Compilot air and my new Marvels didn’t have any special programming as far as I know. They stream sound full and clear. Just the right balance of treble and bass.

It was only when I got my Resound Quattros, that I would say the Phonak had more bass, because I was simply lacking it with the Quattros. The sound reverberate and screeched at the beginning and end of words of songs like the previous poster mentioned. I could not listen to Adele. It sounded like the sound coming from cell phone or iPad speakers. Perhaps a transistor radio? My Audi did the bass boost on the streaming for the quattros. I did also use the app to add middle and bass sounds which would improve the sound. It just didn’t compare to my Phonak streaming (old and new). I know nothing about these numbers you speak of, but figured my n=1 anecdotal experience is still useful. My Audi told me that my brain may just prefer Phonak because this is my third Phonak set. I can see that. But I can’t imagine preferring the Quattro streaming sound that I was getting.


So here is an update for you.

I have not had a chance to look into music streaming at all yet. I work 12 hour shifts. When I’m working, I basically work and sleep, not much else. But the comments I have received regarding music streaming have been very interesting.

I sometimes have to work around some very noisy equipment. Electro-mechanical systems with LOTS of cooling fans. With the Siemens, I would usually switch to my noise program. If I had to be in the area for more than 20 minutes, I would just mute the aids unless I needed to talk to someone.

Yesterday, I just happened to realize that I was standing near the noisiest group of machines, and not really noticing. So I walked over and stood right in the center of them and just listened. It was indeed noisy, of course, but it was tolerable. I called a co-worker over (he knows I just got these aids) and asked him to talk to me. We chatted for a few minutes, and I had to concentrate on listening, but I was able to hear him for the most part. He tested me on the words “heat” vs “heap” and I failed. We work in a cleanroom and wear a hood with a face cover, just your eyes showing, so there’s no lip-reading. But for the most part, I was able to carry on a conversation. I told him, “I can stand here and it’s not annoying.” He replied “it’s driving me crazy, let’s get out of here.”

So, in a nutshell, noise suppression is amazing. And I don’t need to switch to a noise program. The difference in how I feel at work is incredible.

I spoke to my wife on the phone during my 30 minute drive home. I found that with the road noise, I had to turn my volume up quite a bit to hear her. With the Siemens, I had complained about road noise, and the audi set the outside mics to off during phone calls. I found that to be a little stifling, so then he set them to 50%. That worked out well. I don’t know if that can be done with these because the outside mics are what I’m talking into. That will have to be a topic of discussion on Monday.

On her end of the phone call, my wife said that the car was a lot noisier than with the old aids. But even with that she felt like she could hear me better than before. She is extremely pleased with the result.

With the Siemens I had troubles with the domes backing out, so went with custom molds. Apparently, my ears move a lot and that makes them difficult to fit. The molds were very painful at first. The audi had to grind them down a lot to get them comfortable. Once that was done, they were great.

But surprisingly, these domes are staying put. At this point I am considering just sticking with the domes. The owner’s manual (yes, I did read it) says the domes should be changed about every 4 months. Does anyone here actually do that? I’ll have to ask him if a supply of domes is included in the bundle.

Other minor observations. The administrative area where my boss’s office is has an eight foot ceiling with motion sensors for the lighting. When I walk under those sensors, the Siemens would squeal. The Marvels do not.

I used to put my aids in, then close the battery to turn them on. The Marvels have an extremely tight battery door, and I can’t do that. It pretty much takes two hands to close the battery. On the plus side, with the old aids I would sometimes go looking for the down volume button and open the battery by accident. That ain’t happening with these.

I really just need to figure out the music streaming thing and then I think I am going to be very happy with these.

Nubie here seeking knowledge. 😁

I don’t have anything like this unless the volume on a program is turned way up (setting 9 or higher on the volume slider) - and the only program of the 4 basic (All-Around, Restaurant, Outdoor, Music) that I particularly notice it if the volume is way up is for the Outdoor program with Speech Clarity where Bass, Mid-Tones, and Treble are all cranked up, with Treble being greatly increased. Perhaps because I have good low-frequency hearing and open domes, for me the Quattro’s sound so good, except for the presence of high frequency sounds, I can’t tell whether I’m wearing my Quattro’s or not, for most everyday sounds except for a louder volume with HA’s in. Given statements by other Quattro users like efigalaxie or NewYorkDigital, who also think the Quattro sound is great, the screeching, etc., must be something to do with your fitting and particular receiver setup, your hearing profile, or your chosen program settings. But since the Marvel’s work so much better for you and everything falls into place for them, that sounds like the obvious best choice for you. And as others have remarked over the years in this forum, if one really wants to enjoy bass and has the low-frequency hearing to support it, using an outside sound source (headphones or better yet, good hi-fi system or car audio with subwoofer) will supply real bass far beyond the relative puny bass any HA can supply due to the small size of the receivers. I wonder why, though, if the Marvel sound across the spectrum is so great that Phonak doesn’t supply a power spectrum like ReSound does to emphasize the outstanding quality of their HA’s? ReSound is not shy to show the world how the Quattro’s perform. Any Phonak user have a Marvel power spectrum to display? Maybe an audi provider here can help out by posting one for the most premium Marvel’s? HA’s evolve and it’s quite possible the Marvel’s are the best thing yet but it’s always nice to see subjective observations backed up by physical performance data.


A point of clarification on my experience with Quattros - the music screeching, and lack of bass was only in streaming mode. Music from the TV, church, and car stereo did not sound that way. Music had full sound when not streaming.

I stream to listen to music on my iPhone, and watch Netflix on iPad.


Blue Crab: There is a setting in the app that will allow you to remove the surrounding mic to off on phone calls(and streaming), making it unnecessary to raise the volume.