Phonak iCom bluetooth to landline


I haven’t received my iCom yet, but I did download the manual. Would anyone whose done this, please comment? Thanks!

It seems that I want to buy a Bluetooth enabled land-phone that pairs to a headset, like this one, the Vtech DS6322-3 Cordless Phone[ ]. Does anyone have another land phone that works well with the iCom?

Do I then pair the iCom to it as if the iCom were a Bluetooth headset, and answer calls by tapping the button on the iCom which then routes the call thru my hearing aids??

How do I dial a call and transfer it to the iCom?

Anything else I need to know?


I have a AT&T Bluetooth land line mobile phone that works well with the icom,It has a answering machine and 2 mobile phones.

Did you simply pair it with the iCom as if the iCom was a Bluetooth headset???

The iCom acts like a Bluetooth headset. The hearing aids are not a part of that, but are connected to the iCom via FM by your audi. You just pair the iCom to any Bluetooth enabled device that allows hands free, or headset connections via Bluetooth. You won’t need any codes, or any special steps to do so. You just place the phone in discovery mode, and the iCom in discovery mode, they see each other and you are good to go … just like that, just that simple. The iCom has two indented buttons on the back, you push the one outside the label and it will light up the blue light steady, you are in discover mode.

Yes I just paired it with the land line portable phone,then selected headset on the phone.It works fine

I have a Panasonic Bluetooth DECT 6.0 PLUS. It works great with the iCom. The only problem is that my computer, mobile phone, and TVlink are all close to the landline which can confuse the iCom. I have to turn the others off to make sure the landline connects.

Thanks. This one: KX-TG6583T ???

Sorry I didn’t see your question earlier. Mine is a KX-TG6582. They probably are very similar.

I just paired my new at&t TL92420 (from Costco) with the iCom. Easy. Like everyone says you ask the phone to look for a headset. I received one call and have not make any outgoing calls yet. I need to learn to play with volume and so forth, but in general from this thread it seems like bluetooth landline to iCom works well.

Actually the same, just 2 or 3 handsets. Received mine today, and paired it with the iCom easily, made outgoing and took incoming. Works well, but gets a bit static-y after about 15 feet from the base.

Making a call from the contact list is a bit awkward (dial from handset, click iCom, then mute and return handset to cradle). Do youhave an easier way?


What I said earlier about my at&t TL92420 (from Costco) is true. It was easy to pair with the iCom. All the lights on the iCom are correct. The at&t phone shows the iCom as active and paired.
But I get no reception through my aids when making calls. If I remove and add the iCom again as a headset I hear a tone indicating success through the Ambras. But for outgoing phone calls I have to use the handset in the usual way; no streaming at all through the iCom/aids.
How can this be? There are not many buttons to push. I have tried playing with the order in which I turn on the iCom and make a call. The cell is off or far away from this landline. The cell phone with iCom is working as usual. Incoming calls have been rare, but seem to work if I answer with the iCom button and don’t pick up the handset. (It is not possible to leave the handset in place while making a call.)
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Update: ATT tech support says that TL92420 is not guaranteed to work properly with iCom. They suggested making the call using the handset and then upon hearing the ringtone switch to the headset (iCom/hearing aids) and return the handset to the base. I don’t know how to switch to the iCom after dialing an outgoing call. Pressing the iCom button that I use for answering and ending calls does not work.

Mech29, what is the att model you say is working for you?

I can buy another landline brand but would really like to figure this out! Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I use the Jabra A7010 with my work phone. What I do is dial the call and then press the button on the iCom to pick up the call that I initiated. It cuts out the handset and takes over. Of course, that is a separate Bluetooth adapter plugged into the phone and not the phone itself handling the Bluetooth. Don’t know if the AT&T phone would operate the same way … allowing the iCom to take the call from the handset.

The way I use my AT&T land line and icom,I lift the receiver press call select headset when I get a dial tone I dial the number,This has worked well for me.

Mech29, you are a genius! It is not an intuitive operation but it does work. Funny, AT&T did not give me that advice.
The only thing is, the voice and tones on the other end are toooo loud and I can’t adjust the volume very much and then only when the call connects. Any easy, quick volume control with this set-up?

I have a volume control on my aids,I just turn down the volume there,

I connect my iCom to a Panasonic landline phone and use the volume control on the phone to adjust the volume.

AT&T supports their device ONLY. They are unfamiliar with the iCom and would not suggest what to try as that could be taken as endorsement by them that their device supports the other device (iCom). This was a common practice when I did tech support for hardware devices … though I tried to help people anyway by suggesting work-arounds or possible solutions after stating that I was unfamiliar with and had no information about their other device, but that they should perhaps try these steps. Managers like to avoid putting themselves at risk though and would rather have you return their product which never made sense to me.

I have Exelia Art BTE which has blue tooth and telecoil features for telephone use.

I have a celluar phone with blue tooth and ICom which work well.

I would now like to get a landline phone which has amplication as well as blue tooth so that I have greater flexibility. And also be able to connect to my ICom.

Can you recommend a high quality landline phone with amplication and blue tooth?

Thank you for helping.


My Sonogram

0250Hz R-65 L-55
0500Hz R-65 L-50
1000Hz R-65 L-60
2000Hz R-70 L-70
4000Hz R-65 L-65

Kona, Bluetooth is a “Standard.” Though most manufacturers won’t give technical support to use their product with anything from other manufacturers, all of the products use and follow the same standard and should work together without problems. From researching, but not personal experience, the Panasonic phones come across as high quality or better quality products. I am looking at return rates to Fry’s Electronics and the comments of Fry’s store personnel as the qualifyer for this statement, in which the Panasonics seem to have the much better record, with AT&T being the most returned.