Phonak Compilot PC connection as Headset profile to use Skype

This thread is a description of my Compilot connecting adventures to a PC to use Skype ,softphone ,Teamspeak ,mumble etc.
My goal wich i have tried to reach vas that i can use the PC as a voice communication platform and i runned always in to the same issue with all my bleutooth adapters on three different Pcs 1 HP laptop 1 Lenovo Laptop and 1 Desktop.
All attempts have ended up that voice coming from PC vas fine but the build in microphone on the compilot have never worked :confused:
Finally the solution vas to use a specific version of one widcomm driver and additional Microsoft software to solve the issue .
Now the whole thing works as expected. If anyone is interrested to know how to do it i will create one installation Manual on request.

Could you please write how did you manage it?
Is connection stable?
I use skype over tv link on desktop. Tv link is in marantz receiver so i only select audio source (pc) and go…

I found it hard to believe phonak charge such a premium charge and yet it failed do do simple pc driver to use it like communication device.

I am having the same issue and would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to send the instructions on how to get this working. I have yet to get the answer from the Phonak customer support to get this answer.
I have windows 7 with iogear bluetooth/usb and compilot which is great with the exception of this issue. Receive to the aids good, audio from the compilot to the pc will not work. Starts up, then shuts down the connection of audio.
BTW audio from another bluetooth to pc both audio works great, and cell to compilot works great.
This widcomm driver might be the trick if you can get me the details.

I’ve the same problem. I want to use MS Communicator, but I didn’t manage to use the ComPilot as microphone. To solve the problem I’ve tried several USB BT adaptors, but always the same problem.

Could you explain me your trick exactly?

Many thanks in advance

Hello! It seems to be a general problem to use the compilot microphone in a headset of a PC. Could you explain how to set up the PC?
Thank you very much in advance!


Well, yes an no…! I’ve had PC at work with Win XP, there it runs like wished. At home I had a mac --> No Problems, just connecting as headset and ready. With my new Win 7 PC at work I didn’t manage to getting Headset functionality yet. kklosterman sent me an link for a bluetooth-update but I can’t install it, because it doesn’t identify my BT-Hardware…
So for Win 7 there seems to be some Problems, I guess just some driver-topics.
Maybe this bluetooth-update helps you: Look at broadcom - support - bluetooth - update.


I have the same problem with a ComPilot II. I prefer to set it up as a Bluetooth headset - I can get the audio to work fine, but the microphone doesn’t work. I even bought the Sennheiser BTD 500 bluetooth adapter - but got the same results. I could even tolerate using a wired connection to the headset connector on the PC, but it seems the microphone is not output via the wired connection on the ComPilot.

If you, or anyone else has successfully used the ComPilot as a headset (including microphone) on a PC, I would love to know how you did it.

Please can you pass on your instructions? I too have had the same problem.


Below is my message to Phonak Support and their response, short story is they don’t have a driver, please complain and perhaps they will take action. Also if anyone has found a 3rd party driver that works please post here.

"I purchased Brio hearing aids and a Compilot II from CostCo. I tried to register them but the Brio were not in the drop down list for products, perhaps there is a different process for CostCo products. I originally got a Compilot Air II but the audio quality was poor so I switched it initially for a replacement Air II and then for the Compilot II. So I have tested 3 devices for streaming. I tested all 3 on 2 different systems both running Windows 10.

When the Compilot is connected (regular or Air), two additional playback devices are available. A “Hands Free Headset” and a “Stereo Headphones”. With other devices typically the stereo headphones just allow you to listen to audio and you need the Hands Free for the microphone (Voice over IP calling etc.).

The stereo headset works fine but the handsfree headset does not work. You can neither hear audio or be heard over the mic. This is true for all 3 devices I tested on 2 different Win 10 systems using multiple programs, GoToMeeting, Zoom meeting and Skype. Other hands free headsets work fine. Am I the only person to notice this or am I doing something wrong?"

BS response from support
"The Phonak ComPilot can be paired with an internal Bluetooth on a computer or a Bluetooth adapter that is plugged into a computer. The internal Bluetooth or the Bluetooth adapter must support one of the following Bluetooth AUDIO profiles: A2DP, Headset or Handset Bluetooth profile.

When attempting to pair an ComPilot with a computer or adapter you may see a message that mentions the need for a driver.

The drivers that are required are provided by the Bluetooth adapter manufacturer or the Bluetooth chip manufacturer—not Phonak. There are no ComPilot drivers. Some available third party Bluetooth drivers or “stacks” may work with ComPilot.

A Bluetooth adapter that we recommend and have confirmed will work and recommend is the Sennheiser BTD 500 adapter–it supports the A2DP profile."

I have this issue and cannot seem to find a suitable fix. Additionally, skype will not load when it is connected. Have you gotten any response or found a fix to this problem?

The instructions from above tell you what to look for.

I posted a link that explains the Bluetooth connection in this thread:

please send direction on how to connect my phonak with voice and audio from my Pc to use with zoom, skype etc

Spirity - I am a little hesitant to tell what to do about those apps - but can you if your PC has a Bluetooth feature you need to activate it.

Again, depending on your browser, I use Microsoft Edge. I go to Settings> Devices> (and set up the Bluetooth and HAs).

Results are impressive.

Hope it works for you.

Could you please share the instructions on how to get the microphone working for dictation and not just calls through MS Teams or Skype. Thank you in advance!