ComPilot II with Phonak Audeo BR 90 - Incoming Call Quality Bad

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I’m a newbie to HA’s - it’s been almost 2 days and what a BIG difference. Should have done this years ago.

Despite the cost, I decided to go with the Phonak Audeo BR 90’s with a ComPilot II. All works really well except on incoming calls the caller voice is incredibly soft. When I turn the volume up I get a booming echo on my own voice and very, very little difference in the voice volume of the caller. I’ve checked with most callers about the quality of my voice and all say it is clear and at a good volume. So it’s only incoming that is the problem.

All other usage of the ComPilot-HA’s is good and I’m impressed with the range (distance) I get from my laptop on bluetooth.

I’ve read a lot of posts that relate to aspects of my problem but cannot see any clear solution other than to go back to my local Hearing Clinic (supplier) and have them tinker with settings. My thinking is that if it is not the Phonak equipment, then it might be my cell phone settings - I’m using a Samsung Note 5 with dual sim and get the problem on both sims. Any pointers would be appreciated.

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There are settings in Target that affect the “own voice” volume (it can be turned off - not sure what that means - and/or decreased up to 12dB).

Thanks - not sure what “Target” is. Is this the programe the Audi’s use?

Phonak Target is the hearing aid software that programs Phonak hearing aids.

If I understand correctly. You can hear music well with the ComPilot but not when you’re on a call?

In the picture is all the ComPilot programs you can have.
Bluetooth audio is listening to music via Bluetooth.
Bluetooth phone is using your ComPilot for phone calls.
Audio jack is when you’re using an audio jack for either music or calls.
RemoteMic is for when you use a RemoteMic.

As you can see you can have the ComPilot programs adjusted individually so your Audi should be able to adjust your ComPilot so you can easily hear on the phone.

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I’m guessing it is a combination of things. I also have BR 90’s and ComPilot II.

First, I’d suggest having your audi turn off your own voice in the HA during phone calls and try that out. That helped me out.

Second, I know that there have been bluetooth issues regarding volume with some versions of Android, and that could depend upon which phone you have. You might want to try first rebooting your phone and see if the problem goes away. You might also want to look into seeing if there is an update to your phone. If I remember right, I thought I heard about Bluetooth volume issues on Android 6 and also on Android 7.0. I think Google had been missing with how volume is controlled.

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Zebras & fortnotes, thanks a lot for your replies. The info certainly helps and I’ll follow the tips.

Although written for the ComPilot, I found this helpful in understanding how things works.

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Thanks Halfear - good of you to reply. I have had a look at the document and found it very informative. Much appreciated.

That is a good intro to BT. The links there are a bit iffy. BluetomorrowDotCom is a mortgage loan site. :slight_smile: