Phonak Brio 3 UP vs. Phonak Naida B-70 UP


I am helping someone with profound hearing loss look for hearing aids, and I am new to the hearing aid world. I am wondering what the difference is between the Phonak Brio 3 BTE UP from Costco and the Phonak Naida BTE B-70 UP? I have received mixed messages from a few clinics and am wondering if anyone might be able to clarify? I have been told by a private clinic that the ones from Costco (the Brios) are less powerful than the Naida; another clinic said that they are comparable to B-90s, and then another said that they are between B-70s and B-90s? Any information is appreciated and helpful!


My understanding is the Brio 3 UP aids are comparable to the Naida B90 UP aids minus the tinnitus feature. A search on this site for Rasmus Brio 3 might give a better detail of what you are asking.


First, — Raudrive had given a good information to follow.

Second, I remember those days when I was feeling so confused about haids because there are so-much information. Today trying to keep it simple I ask to match my Audiogram against what the haids can do (plain just how much can delivery into my ears). Costco can show you that. You can bring to them your own audiogram or Costco do one for you. Then they will check and verify how much any of the brands in-house will cover your hearing. That was how I figured out Resound Preza UP will cover more that Pronak Brio 4 or Brio 3. Make sure you can see that graphic on the screen-PC.

I am profound too and I think will be useful for you to know that next year I will get a backup hearing aids, I agree with my expert at Costco when suggested Pronak Brio 3 the BTE type. Because currently I have Resound Preza RIC. But I am expecting those two brands bring something new for Costco in 2021.

Third, the budget is a thing, I pay the cost of it myself so affordability is a thing, so here Costco and Costco have the most extended trial period in my region and many other benefits but I have to remark the fact that I can change Costco location if I really don’t like where I am right now.

Under my view this is the way how I manage to make this simple. But for you I will repeat this — Raudrive had given a good information to follow, collect that information to build yourself an opinion no matter if this coming with mistakes, you will get better every time.

Good luck.

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That is really helpful, thank you!

Is the Brio a rebranded version of the Rasmus?

This is very helpful! Thank you! I am a little new to hearing aids- could you help me understand how this differs from the Naida B70-UP?

The Phonak Brio 3 BTE UP from Costco will be the B90. That would be the same as the Naida B90-up. It will have a few more features than the B70 up.

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Actually it’s forum member @rasmus_braun

Oh, Ha! Clearly I am new to hearing aids and am not paying close enough attention to names!

If you search “product information” and the brand of hearing aids, you will get really good information put out by Rasmus Braun. He is a forum moderator that shares information about new aids coming out. His posts are facts that you can trust.


I contacted Phonak directly and this was their response:

The Brio 3 UP and the Naida B UP have the same amount of gain (power). The Brio 3 is a line of hearing aids designed specifically for Costco. They fall somewhere between the B70 and B90 technology level, so more sophisticated than a mid-range product, but not quite a premium level product. A hearing healthcare provider can help determine whether the additional features found in a more sophisticated hearing aid are required to meet your clients listening demands and lifestyle assessment (this is not something I would be able to help answer).

Thank you again for your question and thank you for choosing Phonak! Have a great day!

Without doing research the only difference in technology is the tinnitus feature. If this feature is really important to you then yes, the Brio 3 UP aids are a step lower than the Naida B90 UP aids at a significantly lower price and questionably better warranty and service. It was very nice that Phonak responded to you.

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