Phonak Belong B30 programming

Just looking for confirmation here. I got Phonak Belong B30 hearing aid, and tried to program it, with iCube II and Target 4.3, However, it happens that this version of Target doesn’t recognise Belong aids. Does anyone know anything about this?

You need to update your Phonak Target which you can do within the software.

Phonak website says you need Target 5 or higher.

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  1. Click the link below
  2. Scroll down to section Wireless Only Hearing Aids/No Cables
  3. Look at page 6 of the referenced document

How to choose a programming device to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]

I seem to recall that you cannot use the Update feature of Target 4.3 to get to the newest 5.2 version? But maybe I’m mistaken. Have you done this?

No I haven’t done it.

Well it will be easy to determine if the Update feature of Target 4.3 can update you to Target 5.2. The OP @MilosDj can tell us if it works.

Why is this not posted in the DIY section?
Hearing Aid Self-Fitting and Adjusting [DIY]

Looks like that. I tried, but my current 4.3 shows no further updates availale

It looks like 4.3 will not update to 5.x

Then you need to start with version 5.2. Look around.
Also I flagged this topic in order to get it moved to DIY.