Phonak Autosense OS vs Real Ear

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I’ve worn Phonak Audeo 70s since 2019. My audiogram is posted.

I struggle to hear the clerk at the grocery store checkout, the clerk at a convenience store counter, restaurant food counter, conversations in a restaurant,

What has helped in restaurants is adding a Phonak Select iN to my HAs.

After reading this users post on the Phonak Lumity, I have zero hope that new HAs will perform heads and shoulders over what I am currently wearing. ===> Two Months With Lumity 90 after 3 Years With Marvel 90

I follow Dr. Cliff Olson, whose practice is in Phoenix, on social media. He is a strong backer for the Real Ear Method of HA programming. His YouTube videos provide some excellent information. He’s even developed a list of providers who follow “best practices”. I don’t know what you have to do to be on his list. ===>

I submitted to a Real Ear programming in 2021. The results were worse than with Phonak Autosense OS. Voices were extremely tinny, I couldn’t hold a conversation aboard a boat while fishing, situations where I needed to talk to someone over a counter were worse. At the time I had my HAs programmed using Real Ear, I did not own the Phonak Select iN microphone. So I ended up having my HAs sent back to Phonak to have the OS restored.

Last year I visited the offices of 8 different audiologists just to see what was on the market plus get their opinion of what device was right for me based on my audiogram. Of the 8 offices visited, only 1 office endorsed The Real Ear Method of programming. It also seems like every audiologist has his/her own opinion on programming HAs. A bit of the Old Wild, Wild West? Is the software and instrumentation to program HAs using Real Ear standard or are there variations?

Has anyone had their Phonaks programmed via The Real Ear method and found it to be amazing?

@kevels55 has……


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And how many times did he go back for changes ?

My Phonak Audeo P90Rs were programmed using REM and NAL-NL2. She said when the REM finished that there appeared to be very little to fiddle with, but made a couple changes. I have had programs added and a variety of things done, but the fitting has been good since day 1.

I recommend the Roger mics. I have a Roger On and it is wonderful. Yesterday in Sunday School we had five groups of people sitting around in circles talking in one room. I put my mic in pointer mode and it kept me in the game. It got loud as people were talking louder to go over everyone else. I was even able to hear the young teen girl with the mousey voice.


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The NHS here do REM as part of their standard.
I only needed 1 return visit for one minor adjustment.
I’m trying to self program and beginning to think REM is my difference to the sound I’m getting.

Bear in mind, REM is just a measurement tool. The audiologist then adjusts the various hearing aids levels to meet a targeted hearing performance target from the REM results. There are different targets and if the audiologist doesn’t know what they are doing, the process will not yield good results.

My audiologist insists on REM and is really skilled. The results I get from a REM test are a significant improvement.


I get the idea you don’t understand how these term compare.

REM is a separate verification of prescribed fitting for any hearing aid brand.

Phonaks Auto Sense is a priority program that automatically changes programs based on environmental change.