Phonak Audeo Yes & CS 44A Programming Cables

I have Phonak Audeo Yes and my Phonak CS 44A programming cables arrived yesterday. They don’t fit. There’s a ball type thing on the end that hits on the Wing of the Audeo Yes and keeps it from going in. I didn’t want to force it since the connections are so tiny. Is this a design flaw - can I file it down? Or is it supposed to snap in place? From the pictures at Phonak the cables they show don’t have the ball like mine do.

The cables aren’t by chance the ones used to program ITE hearing aids?

I have no idea. How would I know? I have the package they came in and it has numbers on it but it just says CS 44 A and then 2.0 m REF 058-0256 and then I assume the SKU number above the barcode.

I assume you have the IPFG computer software program already installed on a computer?

There is a section in there that gives pictures of the proper cables for each hearing aid.

This isn’t a very good picture but this is what it looks like:

Within reason it looks the same as my cables.

if you can zoom in on the picture it shows the ball on it. It hits on the projecting wing over where you plug it in.

Have they changed the design?

Here’s a picture of the cable attached to the YES. The ball just kisses the “wing”. I drew 90 degree lines to show the plug goes in at a slight angle to the hearing aid. Gently push it in and you’ll have a solid connection. Hope this helps.

thank you, that’s a great picture. It sure doesn’t feel like it would fit, I didn’t want to force anything. I’ll try it again - that’s such a small connection!!

Of course, be sure to line up the red dot on the cable plug with the red dot on the hearing aid socket. :smiley:

Maybe you are being too gentle. Yes, don’t force it. But grasp the ball and apply firm pressure and a bit of gentle wiggle.

Try gentle pressure + gentle wiggle. Let go and see if it falls off.

Try slightly more pressure. Let go and see if it falls off.

It worked! It was the wiggle that did it. Thanks!

My Hi-Pro isn’t working. The power light is on, but not the rest of the lights. Any idea where to get replacement fuses? They are 100A 250V. Radio Shack has no idea.

Im the new guy hear. Can someone tell me where I can find these cables cheap?
Phonak CS 44A programming cables

I bought mine from eBay, but they weren’t exactly cheap. They were not from China or Hong Kong either. I don’t think you can get cheap programming cables.

I dont see anything on there right now. Do you know the sellers name? Can you tell me how much you paid?

I’m sending you a private message

pochoboy - is it a secret how much your cables are? Are they brand name Phonak?

No secret and they aren’t cheap at all, which cost me $80 + USPS shipping.

glassgrl how much did you pay? is it manufactured by Phonak? and what is the Ebay sellers account?

A little more than that. And yes, Phonak. Now, back to the subject:

I’ll be darned! In Phonak IPFG, if you go in through C:/Phonak and look through that file you will find a Hi-Pro Configuration. It will set up your Hi-Pro AND update your software.