Phonak Audeo Paradise P90-R vs P90-13T


Looking for info on Paradise rechargeable vs battery models. I work on an ambulance so sometimes I do long shifts and not always able to recharge things so I am leaning toward the battery models. I carry extra batteries with me so I can quickly swap if needed and also at my station.

I currently use audeo v90-13. Been using hearing aids for close to 40 years so I think my previous use is keeping me from wanting to try rechargeable aids.

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I would go with the battery option and I would also use the size 13 batteries if I were in your situation.

My brother is a police officer and the guy that’s he’s always crewed with has just started wearing HAs. As he work shifts, the audiologist said rechargeable wouldn’t work for him.

Do you work shifts?


Yes I work rotating shifts. I was leaning toward the battery version as that’s my comfort level for many years. Plus I am keeping my old ones in my locker at station as a spare set.


I will be trying the new ones with a roger mic and thinklabs one stethoscope to stream to the aids as I need it.

The 13T aids are very nice.
Good battery life and T-coil if needed.

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The 90R charging time is not very long 30mins gives 6 hrs. Carrying a Power bank for recharging could help. You could slip on 2nd set for lunch and give 90R a charge. Extra features are found in 90R that is not in battery versions

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I understand one feature is the touch tap? Not sure if I would use that. Im basically into these for the bluetooth streaming capability vs older model having to use an neckloop streamer.

Personally Medic550, I would always go with the battery option, especially if you work shifts, you have the reassurance of instant backup with spare batteries… I had the Paradise 90 RIC 13’s but returned them, (not enough headroom for my severe/profound loss) but they are excellent aids, you should get just over 5 to 6 days per battery with moderate streaming… I am awaiting the new Naida Paradise 90 with the 675 batteries next week, I get fitted on Monday and very much looking forward to trying them out :grinning: Good luck with your choice, Cheers Kev :wink:

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I went for P90-312 because they are smaller than rechargeables and I feel more comfortable with instant back up from batteries. However I am surprised they only last 4 days with only 30 minutes of daily radio streaming in the morning.

I also went with the P90-312s, currently in the 2nd week of my trial. I’m not interested in the rechargeables, although I was disappointed that the motion sensors were limited to those models. I also tried on the P90-13s, but they were too thick for my comfort. I’ve been getting 5 days per battery on varied amounts of streaming.

The rechargeable version has proven best option for me. Simple as taking out at night normally before midnight and put in charger (the only place I put them when removing them) and putting them on approx 6:30 am. Shift worker or not you gotta sleep at some point and that is when it’s recharged. Only takes 3hrs for full recharge. As a backup option you can have the smaller recharge case and use power bank (battery) or plug in when travelling or whatever. A quick recharge is 30 mins gives 6hrs. Also I have severe/profound loss and use UP receivers and is strong enough with headroom left. Although if more profound side then Nadia better option.


The tap feature is SUPER handy for pausing and restarting streaming. If you use a voice assistant such as alexa, siri, google it can be handy for that as well.


I totally agree with @zuikoholic, the ability to pause streaming is key. But there is another key benefit with that feature. When you are scrolling through a website on your phone and it starts to stream a video in the background (which is totally annoying), I just tap my hearing aids to turn off the stream and it goes back to the original program. In other words, the streaming mutes the outside world and by double tapping it allows you to hear again.

I was also very concerned with the rechargeable and have found that it has more than enough at the end of the day even when I stream a few hours a day.

I bought the extra charging pack that has 7 days of battery just in case I go camping.


Another P90 312 here. I work IT and sometimes I have had to work 15+ hour days and occasionally 20 hours days. I knew I couldn’t do rechargeable HA’s. Power one batteries give me 4-5 days and Rayovac proline give me 6-7 days(2x the money though). Now, if I have a lot of BT conference calls that can easily knock a day off. I bought a little keychain battery holder to hold a extra set of batteries, so I am always prepared.

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I do sometimes find the tap feature activates in error, especially if I am wearing a mask, glasses, and hat and have to fiddle with one of these. Generally this will entail Siri starting up or my streaming starting unexpectedly (streaming stopping can happen but is usually not as big of a deal - just start it again - versus unwanted streaming or a Siri prompt). Not often, but it can happen… probably depends on the shape of your ears and your specific habits.


How are you using your thinklabs one stethoscope and aids during auscultation?
I have some Bose over the ear wired headphones connected to the stethoscope.
My aids don’t play a role other than not getting in the way.

The rechargeables are buggy and have numerous potential issues that are simply not applicable to 13T’s. In your position I would highly recommend replaceable batteries instead. Wish I got them - I’ve had nothing but trouble with the P90-R - returned for replacement 3 times in the first year.


FWIW I have had P70r aids for about 9 months with no issues.


What bugs do you have and how do you know they are attributed to the rechargeable?

Yes, my 312’s also only last 4 days but I do a lot of streaming. I keep to a schedule of changing the batteries first thing in the morning and every 4 days. I don’t wait until the batteries die because it is usually very inconvenient.