Phonak Audeo P90-RT severe battery drain in right ear

Just received the following reply from Google:

Hi eizneb

Thank you for contacting Google support.

Appreciate you in helping us with the detailed information.

We are forwarding your case to the dedicated team and they will check on the further details and assist you going further.

If you have any other questions, please reply to this email and the dedicated team will check.

The Google Support Team

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Suggest someone that is in contact with Google and Phonak provide this thread’s link to the support folks. Sometimes manufacturers review forums and respond or act. (rarely, but sometimes). Would show them the common phone (Pixel) and more than a single person reporting the same issue.

My contact with Google:
|date:|Apr 20, 2022, 9:46 AM|
Re: Your Google Support Inquiry [3-2057000032657]

I have already had a couple of back and forth email communications with somebody named “Giovanna”.
I suggest you all register a complaint!

I have sent a report of my problems to that email address.

I have sent a report of my problems to that email address.

…and received the automated reply:
" Thanks for contacting the Google Disability Support team.

This email is no longer being monitored. To reach a Google Disability
Support specialist, please visit the Google Accessibility help center for additional ways to connect."

Just received the below email from Google.

Thank you for the response!

We are noticing that it is becoming a known issue with the Pixels Android 12 software. I will be adding your issue to the growing list of users with similar issues to the Consult Team. We don’t have an ETA on when the fix is going to be implemented but do know that Google is diligently working on it!

If you have any questions or there’s anything else you need please just respond to this email, we are always here for you. In the meantime we hope you are having a wonderful day!

Best Regards!
The Google Disability Support Team


Way to go everyone, that is great to see they are acknowledging it!

A copy of latest email from G:

|###|11:24 AM (5 hours ago)||Reply

to mike



Hi Mike,

Thanks again for waiting while we investigated the issue.

I received an update from the Specialist Team that they are working on a fix for this issue, currently there’s no estimated time for a fix but I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

As always if you have any more questions let me know and I’ll be glad to help!


Thanks everyone for the information you posted. I have the same issue with my KS-10s. I just opened a ticket with Google Disability Support.


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I received the quarterly pixel update today and was slightly optimistic that it might contain a fix for this problem. It did not. Just have to hang on. Sad :worried:

I’ve the same issue with my Pixel 6 Pro and phonak audeo life rechargeable.

I’ve referenced all the cases above and the person helping thanked me for this

Here is my case

Your Google Support Enquiry: Case ID [0-6979000032428]

I am experiencing the same issue with my Samsung Ultra 21 using Android12. Right drains at least 20% faster than left during the course of day. Figured because the blue tooth connection is thru the right. I wear them all day at end if day 6:30-7pm, right right hearing aid 5% left 54%. I hopecit gets resolved soon! I trialed oticon and was as compatible with Android. Phonak works great except for the right losing its charge so quick!

So it seems that the Android 12 battery-drain problem is not confined to Pixel phones.

Therefore definitely an Android 12 problem. Anyone keen to try upgrading now to Android 13 beta?

My Samsung S10 running Android 12 has no battery problem…

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Battery drain fixed with an upgrade to Android 13 beta 4


Wonderful! upgrades and support are so important.

Very brave of you. However well done. Can you provide a further update in say a weeks time? If all is still going as it should, I will apply the update also. PS how do you go about getting the beta version? Thanks.

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I cracked and like Shmuel I updated to Android 13 beta 4. Brilliant. No more excess battery drainage. No other problems for me with the update.


Just an FYI if not mentioned earlier. If your hearing aids are paired to your phone for bluetooth calls the right hearing aid will always pull more power. Typically the hearing aids pair twice (once for the MyPhonak app and once for the BT streaming). The right hearing aid is the default in the initial setup of the hearing aids and is always on as opposed to the LE (low energy) connections for the app). Hope this helps