Phonak Audeo P90-RT severe battery drain in right ear

I have Phonak Audeo P90-RT aids. I always have them connected using Bluetooth for phone calls and streaming. As others are aware the right aid is the main one and will always use slightly more power. However since I received and applied the March 2022 Android 12 update to my Pixel 5 (which contained numerous Bluetooth updates) the right ear began discharging very rapidly. Went to audiologist who sent them off for a battery replacement. However this did not solve the problem. I then tested my aids connected to an older phone running Android 11. It was back to normal. No rapid discharge. Therefore i have to conclude that the March update caused this. Have contacted both Google and Phonak but just getting fobbed off. Has any one else had the same problem? Thanks


I had the same problem. I had multiple devices hooked up. If you have multiple Bluetooth devices on it will drain it.

Only fix is to turn off Bluetooth on all devices when not in use.

They need to fix this, it’s broken after updating.


Glad to hear its not just me… I’ve got Costco KS10,s, and have the same problem. I used to get around 15 hours + charge for the first 4 months. About 4 weeks ago the right battery started running down quicker… Had the right aid checked and replaced, switched the to the left HA being the primary aid, replaced the charging unit…All to no avail. Still have the primary aid losing its charge. Also have a Pixel 4XL using Android 12. Turning off Bluetooth solves the problem… but that is not acceptable. I am wondering if its possible to fix the problem with modifying the Bluetooth settings using the developer mode… Will chase up with Google.

My KS 10 right HA started draining rapidly mother two weeks ago. Took it in a week ago today,(Monday) they called on Friday and said pick it up it’s all brand-new. It immediately started draining the next day. Call them today, Monday May didn’t know what to say since they said it’s brand-new. I have a Pixel 3aL. ver 12. Is it the Pixel that’s the problem? or the android version number?

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I think it’s a problem with Android 12: When I first got my KS10.0T aids I was using a Pixel 3a phone with Android 11, but then upgraded to a Pixel 6 which (surprisingly) still had Android 11. With both phones the battery life of the right-hand aid was good. Then the Pixel 6 got updated to Android 12 and the battery life plummeted. I tried reverting to the Pixel 3a, but in the meantime it had been updated to Android 12 as well, and the battery life was no better than with the Pixel 6.

I had a chat session with Google Support, who told me that they had had no other reports of this problem, even though others have written here that they have reported the problem to Google.

I reported the problem to Phonak and am still waiting for a reply.

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Both of us have Pixels - a Google branded phone most people never heard of. OTH - mine, like yours, worked perfectly until recently. It worked w. ver 12 until a couple weeks ago. Wonder if there was an update?

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I think the Pixel 6 was updated to Android 12 in January. Since then there have been security updates each month, but in March there was a “Feature Drop” as well as the security updates

Hi there,
I spoke to Google support, and help, and was told to try the following:-

Open your device’s Settings app.
Tap System
And then Advanced
And then Reset options
And then:- Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
At the bottom, tap Reset settings

I have done all of the above, restarted the phone, re-paired my Bluetooth hearing aids and settings, and re-paired the phones in the Easy Line app

My aids have been on the whole day, and there is only an 8% difference between the aids after 10 hours… A big improvement.


I am going to monitor my hearing aids for the next few days, and see if they are giving me my 15 hours a day.

If the instruction (in my previous post) doesn’t work the suggestion by Google, was to backup up the phone and do a factory reset.
A bit to drastic form my liking.

My setup:-
pixel 4xl
Android 12
Costco KS 10 hearing aids, purchased in November 2021

Hope this helps

Just to provide some additional info for your reference.
I’m using a Samsung S10e phone which was updated to Android 12. No problems at all with battery. I’ve been using this setup since January. Phonak P90Rs

Hope your fix works and solves other user’s problems. Fingers crossed.

Here is contact information for pixel:
||date:|Apr 14, 2022, 2:05 PM|
|subject:|Your Google Support Inquiry: Case ID [6-5144000032597]|
maybe, if enough of us file a complaint with the above case number is that the above mentioned email-something will get done!

I did that at about 9am on my Pixel 6. It’s now almost 5pm, and my left aid is at 66% and the right at 50%.

I will try tomorrow and report back.

Phonak M50-r
Pixel 4a android 12
Same problem since few weeks.
Switched Bluetooth connection to left aid
Now the left aid has the same problem.
Did not contacted Google

This morning I reset both aids as well. The left-hand aid is now (about 12 hours later) at 55%, right-hand one at 27%

I think it’s worthwhile monitoring the battery levels for a few days, to confirm, if this reset works OK.
Yesterday I had my Hearing Aids in from 8:30am , and my right aid died at 10:45pm

Hi There,

It appears that I am wrong… The Right hand battery still discharges way tto quick after a Network reset.
I have resubmitted to Google Support, and submitted feedback.
They need to fix the problem…

Two days ago I tried the reset also. No improvement. At 9.00 AM both batteries 100%. At 10.00 PM the left was 44% and the right 9%. Yesterday I only used my old phone running Android 11. Similar timescales and usage during the day. At 10.00 PM left ear 49% and right ear 47%. Clearly a conflict between Android 12 Bluetooth and Phonak.

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My experience is similar to others in this thread.

  • Audeo M90-RT
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Android 12 (do updates monthly at release)
  • Normal HA use - 14 hours per day
  • Normal charge at end of day 45% both sides
  • After March update right aid (Bluetooth side) gave warning tone at about 10 hours and sometimes turned off before 14 hours
  • Left side ended 14 hours at normal 45%
  • Audiologist sent to Phonak and batteries were replaced
  • Upon return problems were exactly the same
  • Phonak sent a new charger to try but it didn’t make any difference
  • Switched Bluetooth to left aid and rapid drain switched to that side, right side ended day with high charge
  • Audiologist loaned me a pair of Audeo Paradise and they had the drain problem just like the Marvels
  • Tried the reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth that Google suggested to @eizneb, it didn’t make any difference

My conclusion is that this is a Google/Phonak Bluetooth issue and I certainly hope they fix it soon. Thanks to @miket for starting the case with Google. Do you have any update or any additional instructions for us to participate in that. I think I’ll contact Phonak to make sure they are aware of this.

Edit: I contacted Phonak by phone and followed up with a detailed email. The person I spoke with was unaware of the issue.

Edit #2: I sent a detailed email to Google using the case number provided by @miket.

When I contacted Google Tech Support, they replied that they had had no other reports of this problem. I contacted Phonak but have not yet received a reply.