Phonak Audeo P-RT Not Pairing with IPad

I just picked up a pair of Phonak Audio P-RT HAs. After fixing a minor issue with one dome, I ran into a major problem pairing with an iPad as a second device.

They paired with my iPhone just fine. But will NOT pair with my iPad as a second device. The right side connects to the iPad bluetooth, but the MyPhonak app shows that left one trying to connect and the right one is “no device”. Then the left fails. I.e it fails to connect.

If this HA cannot connect to two bluetooth devices at once, it’s useless to me.

Anyone run into this problem? Any solution?



I think your best bet is to carefully read the directions. Off the top of my head I might try turning the phone off or maybe even unpairing the phone and pairing the iPad first, but I’d suggest reading directions carefully and learn how they are supposed to work. I think you should be able to pair up to 8 devices and connect to two at the same time.

I did read the directions carefully. The user guide does not have specific directions on how to pair two bluetooth devices. Specifically, it says:

It is only necessary to perform the pairing procedure once with each device featuring Bluetooth wireless technology. After the initial pairing, your hearing aids will connect automatically to the device. Initial pairing can take up to 2 minutes.

On second reading, I noticed their link to Hearing aid support - enjoy your new hearing aid | Phonak. On that webpage, if you enter “Apple”, they only list iPhones and Apple watches. NO iPads!

Given how much BS they publish about ‘bluetooth” devices, I just assumed that they would connect to my iPad. Nope. What’s more, if you look at the IOS MyPhonak app, you’ll notice that it’s listed as compatible with iPhone only!

The Phonak’s HA’s are nice, but certainly no better then my current Widex HAs. They are going back.



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Odd, the Phonak M90 RT aids I used to have paired and connected to the iPad I use all the time.


Try turning the Bluetooth off on your phone.
See if you can pair and connect to your aids then.
One thing at a time, see what happens.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

I have the Paradise p90’s and find the bluetooth connection to my iPhone 11 is pretty good and only drops out once in a while and it’s not a problem. The connection to my iMac 2015 i5 is very good, Mac mini 2020 i5 a bit hit and miss so I added a USB bluetooth dongle to fix the issue and is nearly perfect. MacBook Air 2018 i3 is problematic and often needs to be reconnected completely! I am still very happy as I can now sound sound from these devices.

Exactly. I think you can pair to more than one device but only connect to one at a time. That’s how it is with my Resound LINX Quattros for sure.

You can pair up to 8 with the Phonak paradise and listen to 2 at the same time. If I’m play music on my phone I can also hear the sound from my computer. If I listen to the TV using the connector I can also play and hear music from any other Bluetooth device as well so that’s pretty good.

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As far as I am aware, on your iPad like mine only one hearing aid appears to be connected, the right aid, this is normal and streaming works perfectly on my Naida P UP BTE… Apparently only this aid connects and sends audio to the left aid, I gleaned this information via my Phonak Audioligist on my last visit 6 days ago. Cheers Kev :wink:

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Hi Jim, only the right ear shows connected to my iPhone, the left and right connection are for the Phonak app. Cheers Kev :wink:

Works different with Phonak Jim, I had a wee chat with Audioligist about this last week… left and right connections show for the app, only right aid shows connected to the iPhone or indeed iPad… In fact I noticed she only switched the right ear off then on for my first Bluetooth connection to my iPhone… cheers Kev :smile:

I nearly went with Oticon More a couple of years back, as I have worn many of their aids in the past, but I went for Marvels instead… I was confused myself with the Phonak set up until the Audioligist explained the set up. Cheers Kev :smile:

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Apologies Jim, it was whatever their top of the range power aid was 2 years ago, open or Opn something like that, the one that let you hear mostly everything, I decided I didn’t want to hear mostly everything, sorry for the confusion. Cheers Kev :wink:

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As far as I know Phonak still hasn’t implemented MFi. You have to pair Phonak HA the same like any other non-HA headset. You pair normal headset only once (left and right in a single step). And you find the headset and Phonak HAs only in Bluetooth-devices. Not in hearing-aid devices.

Yes, Kev’s Phonaks deliver stereo sound. Just like any other headset, too.

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Hi Dani, my Audioligist paired mine with just the right hand side aid switched off and then on. If you are pairing to the app, you have to pair both… In Bluetooth, I only see 3 connections, left and right aids for the app, and right aid is the only other connection for the actual phone, the Audioligist told me the aids only connect on one side for the phone and send audio simultaneously to the left side, apologies for the long winded explanation. Cheers Kev👍

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Hi folks, just to reiterate, via a screenshot… Upper 2 connections “Not Connected”, are for the Phonak App only, and the lower “Connected”, right hand only aid is the actual Bluetooth connection to your phone, I connect to the iPhone, for calls or streaming with 1 connection only, the right aid! Cheers Kev :grinning:
Edit; Only one connection shows in my iPad, the right hearing aid :wink:


Perhaps Jim, they should market them as “Simple Aids, for simple folk’s” :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: :rofl: :imp:

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Hi. First, thanks for the feedback.

However, this thread seems to have gotten off-track. To restate the issue that I’ve been trying to address:

  • This is about connecting my Phonak Audéo P-RT HA with my iPhone AND my iPad. The scope of my issue is limited to this only.

  • The Phonaks are currently paired to my iPhone. No problems there.

  • The Phonaks currently do NOT pair with my iPad.

  • Currently, my Phonaks will NOT turn off. It’s not clear if the Phonaks are defective or not.

At this point, I no longer want my Phonaks. I am returning them and keeping my Widex HA’s until some vendor comes up with a better alternative.

Again, thanks for help.