Phonak Audeo Marvel 70 & 90 Feature Differences

I have been researching Phonak Marvel hearing aids. Their are 3 different programs offered with the 90s that the 70s do not have. I am trying to decide if I should get the 70s or 90s. The 3 features that the 90s have that 70s Do Not have are
Speech in Car (appears that the driver can hear to the right and behind while driving.
Speech in Loud Noises (This is offered as an additional program in the 70s) I am assuming this is the actual same feature since the name is the same.
Comfort in Echo (Reverberation)
Is it possible that I could added programs to my 70s to make them almost the same as the 90s by adding additional programs? I have heard that there are ‘hidden’ features - and maybe this is what makes it impossible to make the 70s appear to be 90s.
Just a thought as I’ve been researching and the price difference between the two is a chunk of change. TIA

From programming sw, I cam confirm that speech in loud noise settings look the same.

However, comfort in echo is wrongly named IMO. Idea is to better understand speech, as I saw from one of their demo videos, because it cancells echo that comes too late and messes up with understanding.
From name I thought ‘oh, I can get that, I just remove HA’. Phonak is really bad in naming things.
And nope, this feature doesn’t exist in 70 so it cannot be simulated. Setup feature says ‘echo block’.

And the one in car, if we assume that ‘noise block level 7’ is the same thing in m70 and m90 and for other features as well, then yes, it can be replicated.

What I mean by that, they are called the same, but there’s no way of knowing if they’re doing the same.
I vaguely remember seeing that it could not be the same. Like, more advanced, better it works. But I can’t remember for what feature or even for which manufacturer it was. I remember that there were mentioned different db amounts for something (maybe snr boost?) between levels.

I tried to search but can’t fins that exact text. However I did find this disertation

In which it says that for bg noise that’s just noise, advanced and premium levels performed the same.
However premium levels performed better when bg noise had also speech which was noise and not signal you want to listen to.

So my conclusion is that premium is more suitable for people who attend networking events where people stand close to you but don’t speak to you while you try to listen someone else (or something similar). While for more distant noise like restaurants both levels would work similarly.

This study didn’t include phonak. But I think I did saw phonak’s recommendation for tech levels aligned to these findings.

The car program in the 90s is basically the Speech in 360 program in the 70s.

That’s the one thing I really like with the 90s. I do wish it was in the 70s as well. (I own B90s but my NHS aids are V70.)

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I can confirm that Marvel 90 level tech is great in the car and is effective in noisy environments. My previous devices were 70 level on the Venture platform, so I can’t accurately contrast the two for just tech levels.

I also appreciate the value of having the extra programs flow seamlessly with AutoSense.

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The difference with the Speech in Loud Noise is that on the 90s it can be enabled in Autosense; on the lower models it can only be used as a manual program in one of your three additional program slots.


That’s interesting. Lately, when I have Target running with my M90’s, it says that speech in loud noise is unavailable in Autosense. I don’t like Autosense and don’t use it, so it really doesn’t matter to me. I read an article that said that for most people, the mid level aids were as effective as the upper level aids. But, that is most, not all people, and I am sure there are certain situations where premium level aids perform better. It depends on what you perceive your needs to be.


Very true. I just don’t want to miss a feature I may want. :crazy_face:

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I don’t know what the 70s cost but my audiologist before I asked for the 90s was going to get me the 50s and the delta was $1900…So that might be a consideration for some folks.

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Well my Audi told me $1000 difference between 90s and 70s - so $1900 is in ball park.

Through my HMO, M70s were $4100 and M90s were $5900.

$5000 for 70s and $6000 for 90s at Audi. I could save quite a bit if I went through TruHearimg. I asked if Marvel 90s werelocked to TruHearing. The fitter that works w/ TrueHearing patients said no- they were exactly what comes from manufacturer. Now I’m torn of going to an Audi or a fitter and saving $$$. There are trade offs. I believe 3 appt at TruHearing. Lifetime appts at Audi. I don’t know charges of appts. I do like my ‘new’ Audi. I’ve had both HIS and Audi. My ‘old’ wasn’t very good at knowing the product and adjustments. The HIS many yrs back threw up his hands and said I don’t know what to do. My hearing loss - I don’t believe is strange. Maybe it was me asking too many question. Neither one liked it when I spoke up about what I knew. Now fast forward - I ‘think’ I’m a little more knowledgeable due to this forum. I hope so. :grinning:

If your hearing is stable then you probably have nothing to lose by going to a fitter. If you think you’ll need many adjustments, and you’re not willing to do it yourself, or your hearing configuration is unusual, you’ll probably be better off with an audi.

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It needs to be turned on in main autosense tab/screen/view, also under program options, but for whole category, autosense.

I found that human speech noise, whether it is in a playground, schoolyard, restaurant or convention doesn’t depend on distance for the HA’s. I can speak to someone and understand them at a rollerscate disco, but I am having trouble at a schoolyard. The normal hearing folks have trouble at the disco, but no problem in the schoolyard. These different kinds of noise are meant.
I do agree that speech noise that is further away, is not that noisy as close by. However, that is another distinction.

As I have a cookie-bite profile that is flattening out with age, I really need that extra discrimination of the high end aids. I’ve even gone as far as buying second hand aids that I program myself, as opposed to getting fitted aids from the audiologist for a little bit less money ( plus insurance coverage.)