Phonak Audeo M90-R recurring problem

I’ve had two Phonak Audeo M-90R hearing aids for about 1.5 years. Love them! But about two months ago my left HA stopped working just in time for the holidays. I held the button down for 20 seconds and put it back into the charger: no improvement. The green light flashes 5 times repeatedly. Sent it in to my audiologist who was very helpful. It came back. Then the right HA went out in exactly the same way as the left one had. This time my audiologist contacted phonak and got me an entirely new pair of HAs.s two weeks ago, plus a new charging box. I got them, plugged the charger into a surge protected port on my APS UPS using the adapter and cable that came with the charger, and yesterday the left HA went out again exactly like the first two times.
I am stumped! Any ideas?

I know this might sound stupid but have you tried just plugging it into a normal wall plug and not using the surge protector. I have had my M-90Rs about the same time as you and have never had any issues at all.

Yes. That’s (wall plug) how it was configured the first time they failed, and I tried again after they failed the second and third time. I thought the surge protected current might be better, but no. I’m encouraged that you’re not having issues. Wish it were true for me!

Do you know if your aids have the latest firmware updates?
One of them was about charger/hearing aid issues.

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When I first got my aids there was a problem with some faulty wall plugs (I am not sure what its called - its the plug that fits into the wall socket) - if you are still using the original one then it might be worth a try to swap to a new one and see if that helps.

My audiologist gave me new/updated HAs on February 4. Is that late enough?

My audiologist gave me a new charger with a new adapter and usb cable. That didn’t help.

Yes, It should be.

I have a workaround: charge the battery pack without the HAs, then unplug and charge the HAs. If it’s my unclean power, that should solve the problem, right?

It would certainly eliminate your original power source as an issue.

Actually, the power adapter you get with the charger is AC to DC transformer, The output from that power supply is normally clean. If you have the battery connected to the charger, plugged in to the adapter (transformer) or not…the power is clean.
I had a similar problem startup last December with my left HA, returned it to my VA
audi, and she sent it to Denver for repair, Took 20 days, and it came back with a note
about a chip failure, they replaced chip and battery, Didn’t get it back until last week
due to covid restrictions, and the weather. I question my Audi about ti, and she said
it seems to be happening to a small percentage of Phonak M Left HA’s.