Phonak audeo lumity 90 hissing / white noise is it normal?


So just got my new hearing aids.
Is it normal to hear to get a hissing/white noise when in a very quite room on your own or when using them to stream media to them?

It could be the tinnitus generator. If it isn’t enabled, then it is rather strange, though. Personally I’ve never heard it both on the Marvel 90 and Lumity 90.

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Thanks for replying.
It could be the tinnitus generator or whatever term the manufacturer use. But I was sure I was told at one of hearing appointments they don’t turn it on as all the other features of the HA would be enough when hearing sound :person_shrugging:.

Hissing sound seems to increase or happen at all just after any sounds play on my phone,during and strangely on at least 1 website with embedded videos in it even if I don’t play them.
This could be all normal I guess getting used to new/better HAids and I know not been around any loud or even moderate levels of sound yet for long anyway.

While streaming bluetooth, in MyPhonak click "Ambient Balance " and slide right all the way to “audio” emphasis. This should at least reduce room hiss.

When in “automatic” mode you are going to hear room hiss too. You can reduce it somewhat by adjusting the sliders there, and maybe enable the “comfort” button.

The noisy environment setting (mine’s labeled “restaurant”) has even less hiss and can be tweaked for less than that.

It trades off speech intelligibility for listening comfort I think.

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Thanks can’t find ambience balance could be called something else?

Sorry my bad I didn’t take in the bit about when streaming audio playing some music hey presto found it. So it’s in the middle between audio and surroundings so I suppose leave it in the middle while out and about but to right when in a safe place e.g. home?

It seems any app/website that could play media even if it’s turned off/muted or not playing results in the hissing sound so open a game and even the sound is off via the in game options it still does it.
The only way I get it to stop is to turn the “media audio” off for the hearing aids in Bluetooth settings but then you have to remember to turn it back on when u want to listen to music/watch a video using the HA.

When streaming, you must choose your preferred mix of ambient sounds (with hiss) to streamed audio (without as much hiss). What you choose will affect i.e. your ability to hear ambulance sirens. And yes, when I’m listening on my couch at home it’s fully to the right. I asked my audiologist if she could save this permanently as my preference but she was unable on the Bluetooth tab but could save my preferred settings for all other tabs. I don’t stream while driving, so in my case it would be fine always to the right.

If you are still getting hiss in games etc. even with it fully to the right I’d recommend an equalizer app to tame the high frequencies. On android I use

This app also helps restore missing bass frequencies for me and my particular hearing loss prescription.

If you’re getting game hiss when there should be no audio, your solution switching off audio in Bluetooth settings is best.

Thanks I’ll give that a go.
But I suppose turning off audio in Bluetooth is the only way not to have hissing and while not a perfect solution I doubt I’ll use my hearing aids for extended listening sessions put my earbuds in headphones* for that.

*Assuming I won’t damage my ha by wearing them?

Ok sorry new problem the myphonak app has lost connection to one hearing aid, on trying to problem solve it I removed them from the app and phone.
I’ve got the phone to reconnect but now the app will see the hearing aids at all or will only connect to the right hearing aid (the master one?)

When/if I can resolve that.
the whole change the ambience level for streaming via Bluetooth only works on apps etc that allow the sound to continue when there not on screen e.g. radio apps etc as the ambience option just disappears when I try switching between a game and myphonak :person_shrugging:

Update - took me a few attempts of removing device (hearing aids) and repair to app for it to connect to both and not just 1 or neither.

Hi I’ve got Naída Paradise P90-UP, I also hear a hiss noise when I’m streaming with Phonak tv streamer and also in autosense mode or when in some situations it goes in comfort in noise program. Also if on myPhonak app I change the speech focus lever to the center or a bit to the left it makes a noise. Could you also try on your myPhonak app if you hear noise when changing speech focus lever to the center or left? It’s a strange beahvior for me.

Only thing that’s stops/reduces the hiss for me is moving the ambience bar about. That or muting media but obviously not ideal.

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So having wore my hearing aids at work on the till in a supermarket one thing I’ve noticed is my left ear which is my worse ear sounds like it’s block up partially when hearing my own voice or hearing customers on left side.

Is it something that will go in time? What could it be ?
Strangely I don’t notice is at least not as much in other situations


I have the same beahvior on my Naída P90-UP in some situations like in open spaces or windy places I feel sometimes my right ear which is worse seems muffled or blocked then automatically comes to normal. I think it’s the Autosense Os, maybe it needs a well tuned fitting by an advanced expert. Many audiologists are unable to cope with fitting.

My right ear does the same on my Naida P70 UP but only when coming out of Bluetooth.

Keep thinking my HA has gone dead.

I don’t get hissing tho.

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Maybe it is the fitting cos if I stretch my ear with my ha in it seems to get a little better,maybe I need the small open vented dome fitting I’m on medium at the moment :person_shrugging:

ive had that while testing them out for 15 days. if the doors/windows arent closed then it is a real sound in the background.

Didnt have it/not loud enough to be constantly heard in the background with the oticon reals.

I’m glad you have new hearing aids!

I have the previous model…Paradise P90R’s.

Over the 20 years I’ve used hearing aids I’ve had some issues. What I’ve learned is to check out the simple things first.
So I would look at the domes and the wax guards first.

I noticed with mine that if I put my index fingers in my right and my left ears that the volume was twice as loud. So I had them change my domes. I went from open domes to closed domes (which have two little holes in them.)

My new hearing aid practitioner had me try tinnitus noise treatment. It sounded exactly like your noise. I had him turn it off. I found the treatment was worse than the noise I have (which is tinitus which sounds just like cicadias in my ears.)

If you need to hear things around you while streaming, I have found moving the slider just slightly to the right will also reduce most of the white noise