Paradise/Marvel and landline phone connection

Could be. I didn’t tried that so can’t vouch for it. This above I did test and it works :slight_smile:

And I’m still learning my way around BT, before this aids I didn’t use BT at all :joy: ok, watch used it, but that was set up one and forget.

Roger select is a superb all around table mic, that’s it’s main use case and it’s damn good for that. If you have need for that, you won’t be disappointed.

Select price here is 1000 eur, tv connector is 200, and since people often have tv connector already or are considering it, I mentioned that for this topic, both will work the same. Since none is made for that, both are workarounds, and both deliver the same result.

Select also can become tv connector (comes with cables for that). However it is only mono, while tv connector is stereo. And it uses microusb in its dock, and I’m trying to spare microusb from to often plug in and pull out, since on my phones and tablet it loses connection after a year or so. I don’t like microusb :joy:

If you haven’t tried streaming sound into your ears from tv, I’d recommend trying, to me that was game changer. Zero effort to understand (speakers who pronounce well or I’m familiar with), no need to look at screen even, while without I can follow but my focus has to be on the tv.

Interesting. good information. The Select is USD 1400 here. I am not sure it is going to be useful enough for me to justify the expense.

How big is the TV Connector. it is really hard to get a sense of scale as Phonak never seems to show the device in use.

I don’t watch much Tv but it would probably be useful for the times that I do.

@Blacky It also looks like the TV Connect has to stay plugged in to work, it that the case?

Yes, it needs power, but also works from powerbank, so usb from computer will do since that’s what you get (I plugged mine in TV’s usb).

Size? Select is like 5cm diameter (cca 2 inch), and tv connector is 6x6 cm square, and very light. I think 1cm thick. Select is a bit less and has a bit of weight, probably bc of battery which tv connector doesn’t have.

My solution was to get a good over the ear gaming headset and use this adapter to plug it into the phone’s headset jack. The key is a quality headset with large ear cup that completely enclose your ears and hearing aids.

The good thing about this is when the phone’s headset jack is on the wireless handset instead of the base, you can still move around with it.


Audi has ordered me one of the phones with the CC screen on it. She says I probably will be able to hear on it better because it’s made for the hearing impaired and it’s free.

So it turns out Phonak has an ‘Acoustic phone’ program that may help…my Audi says people have mixed luck with it but we are going to give that a try as well as the telecoil.

Not very confident that the telecoil on the Phonak will work any better than the Widex. I have been doing some experimenting regarding the loud him generated in the telecoil mode. I think it is from the overhead lines for the light rail system in town…we have a set of tracks right outside our building. I have tried the t-coil numerous places downtown and the problem seems to be tied to the proximity and number of overhead train wires.

Lol, yeah, it does have. You wanted connection so I guess we all went into hardware solutions.

I tested acoustic phone, it also can stream the sound to both aids simultaneously. It’s a bit fiddly to aim (I’ve tested only with mobile phone though). And you have to manually switch to that program.

But it did work. Granted I just tested if I can hear anything, didn’t find time to test that properly since I didn’t really need it. Yet.

Share your findings :slight_smile:

@Blacky I will! My fitting for the Paradise aids is this coming Wednesday.