Paid Research Opportunities for Hearing Aid Users

Are you interested in participating in paid research that will help shape the future of hearing aid technology? Do you want your opinion heard by leading hearing aid manufacturers and academic institutions? If so, please take this 1-minute survey, and we’ll add you to our new consumer research panel.

Trouble with the page above? Use this form:

How it works:

  1. We curate paid research opportunities for you.
  2. We email you an invite for each new opportunity.
  3. You decide which opportunities to participate in.

Your Opportunities.

Members of our research panel will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of paid research opportunities. Examples include online surveys, telephone interviews, and focus groups.

Your Money.

The Hearing Tracker team will ensure that all opportunities offer an adequate payment for participation. We know how valuable your time is, and we will work to make sure you get compensated appropriately.

Your Privacy.

Hearing Tracker will not share your contact details with any third parties without your explicit permission, on a per-opportunity basis.


Shall I assume US-only? Demographic/private information needed?

We primarily recruit within the US, but occasionally get projects outside the US. So, you should apply.

We ask about age, hearing aid use, hearing loss level, etc. I am the only person with access to your email. I will never share your information with any company. Hearing Tracker always sends the research invites, so there is no need for any company to access your identifying information.

Just a heads-up: neither the link to 1-min survey nor the inset box “Paid Research Opportunities for Hearing Aid Users” works in Firefox browser?

I copied/pasted the link to this thread into Safari and was able to see and complete the survey.

Um, goes without sayin’ “WOULD I EVER LOVE TO BE HEARD when it comes to opinions about hearing aids or devices to make HA wearers more productive and happy!” Hey, I’d even donate ALL the money involved here. I would love to participate in these research studies.

Yes, I think I need to provide a fallback survey solution as the survey software seems to fail on some versions of Firefox. I have heard this from 2 others, but I can also see the software is rendering for some people with Firefox based on the survey completions.

Thanks so much for your support. We’re running a study now which has listening tasks and will be used to determine some audio algos by a big CE company. So, it’s pretty cool stuff! However, they are only recruiting mild / moderate … We’ll see what the next project brings!

I had the same issue with Firefox and Edge. I have some add-ons in FF. None in Edge. It worked in Chrome.

Added an alternative option:

Do you mind trying one more time? I made a small change and wondering if I fixed the bug.

Same with the first links. Your alternative option requires a Google login. No thanks.

Try one more time (pretty please). Unfortunately I don’t see the error, so it’s very difficult for me to test. I placed backup link on the page so if the javascript form doesn’t load, people can at least get to the Google form.

That was accidental. I fixed it.

Opens on FF, Edge, Chrome. I didn’t complete it though so I’m not sure about that.
Always happy to help out my favorite hearing aid site. Just not so much with the personal information :slight_smile:

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Aww shucks! Thank you… Seriously invaluable feedback :slight_smile:

It worked for me using the latest edition of the Firefox browser. I signed up.

Be sure to identify yourself well if you e-mail me, as I get a lot of spam, or tell me in advance the exact e-mail address the mail will come from.

Emails will always come from


You never know who is going to be phishing. I’ve added you to my address book so the spam guard won’t nuke you.

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in chrome link works

I just sign up for the opportunities.

Sounds interesting…

Hi I completed the latest test you sent me an email on with varying word discrimination out of background noise. I was given a confirmation number that I completed the test and should enter it somewhere. Can you please tell me where that somewhere is supposed to be? Thanks