Own voice with unilateral moderate hearing loss

As in the subject. Is it possible to hear your own voice without depth as if it’s under a bell if you have unilateral mild to moderate hearing loss and the other ear perfect?

Rank amateur here, but I think it is occlusion.
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You need to talk and explain all this to your AuD. They can make adjustments to various sounds you don’t like. If it’s an occlusion as suggest you need a vent in your mould or open domes. But what type of dome/mould depends on your hearing loss.

This is my audiogram. Even with a phonak p50 at left I have my voice under a bell if I go outside and if I stay home I have it booming. I’m desperate i haven’t gone out for two years it happened after covid ents say it’s not an audiological issue because my unilateral loss cannot give my issue. I’m not living anymore please help

I struggle a bit to understand exactly what you are describing.

Im from Italy sorry for my English.
What I mean is, when I’m talking at home or rooms etc I hear my voice booming but bilaterally.
And when I’m outside its terrible, I hear my voice totally lacking depth as if I’m under a glass. And even more absurd, in noise places the noise covers my voice completely, meaning I almost cannot hear my voice. But still even hearing other things quite normally ( despite hearing loss i have a matrix test of - 4.4 that put me in the normal hearing range.
Even more strange, if I hear my voice recorded on a smartphone, I can hear it exactly the same as it was years ago.
ENTs don’t know what to do because according to them it’s not from audiological issues but it’s been caused by covid, probably according to one of them, a multisytem nervous inflammation from. Covid.
I don’t know what to do and I’m not living I’ve been close at home for almost two years because when I go out and I almost cannot hear my voice I cry and go back home please help

I think your English is pretty good, but it sounds like you are experiencing something unusual that is difficult to describe.

Are there any symptoms besides this strange own voice perception? Do you have any dizziness? Other strange auditory perception? Has it improved over time? Are you just avoiding going out because it bothers you, or is it impacting your ability to function? Does the hearing aid help you at all?

No I don’t have any other symptoms. And as I said in my posts, with the phonak I can hear other things even better than before ( my left loss was already there even if it was better, - 42 / - 45 on the same range, got worse after the sudden loss of August 2021) but my voice is still booming and without depth on the outside. If I stay in larger noisy places like airports I almost cannot hear my own voice, still hearing all the rest quite normally.
I don’t go out because when I’m out and almost cannot hear my voice I almost cry and go back home.
Ents say it’s not audiological and it’s due to COVID-19 multisystem CNS inflammation. Don’t know what to do​:sob::sob::sob:

I have had severe long covid since Mar 2020, bedbound to housebound, in and out of emergency, organ failure and removal, etc. For the most part, there isn’t much to do except cross your fingers and wait it out.

If you haven’t already, you can try neurology or immunology, and therapy.

To help manage it, could you get a partner mic for the hearing aid but clip it to yourself to provide better access to your own voice?

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Related to my post, how do you hear your own voice with sensorineural hearing loss at left ( moderate)?

What hearing aids do you wear?

I have one phonak p50 (just at left because as you can see from the audiometry right is perfect)
But the symptoms remain bilaterally, sensationof hearing my voice under a bell - not really autophony (where you hear your voice louder and into your head), quite the contrary, Ii lacks depth eg. If I scream I don’t hear my voice spreading in the environment but it’s as if it remains… Close to my head I don’t know because it’s difficult to explain technically.
And what’s terrifying is the following : if I’m in a noise place I almost cannot hear my own voice, at a train station I almost wasn’t able to hear my voice and started to cry.
At home the same happens when turning on domestic appliances, I almost cannot hear my voice.
I’m desperate, they say it’s from MIS-A by Covid-19 but don’t know what to do cannot live like this

Signia hearing aids have something called OVP (own voice processing) on their hearing aids, which is designed to deal with this problem. AFAIK, theirs are the only ones to have a program like this. It might be worth a trial to see if it does anything for your condition.

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The Signia OVP reduces the volume of your own voice. It sounds like the OP is experiencing the oppozite problem–their voice is difficult to hear.

It clearly bothers you, but is it affecting your function at all? It doesn’t sound like you are having difficulty hearing other people. Do other people have difficulty hearing you? Does it make it difficult to know how loudly you are talking? Apart from the emotional impact is it. . . making communication difficult in some way?

It might be worthwhile to consult with a speech language pathologist.

I’m no expert on this, but my understanding of Signia’s OVP program is that it is customized to the user’s needs and to a setting that is determined by the audiologist. The user’s own voice is processed separately from other speech & noise, which is why it can be programmed to a customized setting.

I agree with your recommendation to consult with a speech & language pathologist. I just thought it was worth asking about in that conversation.

The Signia software has a little training feature that trains the hearing aids to identify the user’s voice, and then it reduces the gain whenever it detects that the user is speaking.

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Are you kidding me? I’m telling you I almost cannot hear my voice when in loud places, that it seems I hear it as if it’s from the distance, and in louder place all seems confused and I cannot recognize voices even if I also did the matrix test and according to it I have - 4.4 normal hearing! But it’s not true this long covid thing is absurd according to the tests I can hear normally desipte the loss but in reality I have all that symptoms and cannot live at all. I’m staying at home constantly because the quality of life is zero. I don’t want to “function” as an invalid I want my life back and a decent hearing. Audiologists don’t understand because they keep telling me with a perfect right ear Ana a mild moderate loss at left I should do perfectly fine with a good hearing aid at left but it’s not the case, with the phonak I can clearly hear some sound much better (paper, shoes keys etc) but it doesn’t solve the problem at all I still have the problems please help

I think you need to answer @Neville questions.
Back to basics, what domes are you using and have you tried any others.
How does your voice sound without the aid?

I’m sorry, you’d said previously that the only symptoms was this unusual perception of your own voice and you could hear everything else well. If you are struggling to hear in noise generally (not just your own voice), that is a different problem with more obvious functional impacts.

So to help me out–if you are in a noisy place, can you understand what other people are saying?