Oticon xceed problem

i need a help
i have two oticon xceed 1 UP hearing aid but i thing the right side not synchronize with left

when start both hearing aids only the left side who stimulate the tonality of start (tinnn)
the spacial sound management is not working

it s normal or something is not working ?

thank a lot

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@mehdisouid94: I don’t think this is something that can be diagnosed with certainty on the Forum. There are very knowledgeable Members who can help you to troubleshoot your hearing aids, but you may have to take them in to your HCP’s office. Is this easy to do in your country?

Wait for a while … I’m sure some of the local experts will respond.

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there s no hcp office in my country

hope to get help from experts here


@mehdisouid94: I understand. We are celebrating our new year, so a reply from an expert may be slower than usual in showing up. But I’m sure the Members will help you as much as is possible.


hope to talk someone expert
i didnt found any support line on oticon page
hope someone here can help

@mehdisouid94: Unfortunately, I possess no expertise that will help you. My only support can be to encourage you to be patient, and to express your issues as clearly as possible, considering that you’re not writing in your native language.

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Can you press the button on your right and it beep?

If not, then likely your right Aid is faulty

If yes, then likely you’ll need them to relinked within the software Altho can’t be totally sure.

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Wow no one at all,What country are you in?
If you want, you could try DIY, all you’ll need is software and hardware- Noahlink wireless.

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i try DIY by my self i can program the hearing aid by my self

i need for any oticon technical support

@tenkan: I’m guessing Algeria, :fire_extinguisher:


Ok so you reprogrammed your HAs and you still have this issue? Did you make sure to “tick” the box’s binaural coordination.