Oticon Xceed after Oticon Dynamo?

Who use Oticon Xceed - what do you think about it? Any improvements in real life after upgrade?

Not yet, but I’ve had an invite from my audiologist/hearing aid specialist to contact them about a trial. I currently have Phonak Naida V_UP and have always used Phonak aids ever since I first got Super Fronts many years ago, so not sure whether I want to switch brands.

Which Naida do you have - based on Core or Venture platform? I think too that brand switching is a bad idea

If you currently are using the Phonak Naida V_UP aids, I would wait until Phonak comes out with the Naida UP aids with the Marvel platform in a few more months.The Xceed aids are cool but several audiologists have little experience with Oticon aids in my area. My audiologist have told me that Oticon aids have a history of feedback issues.

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I have Oticon Dynamo now. No feedback issues in normal conditions. They whistle only if I cup my ears with hands.

No feedback issues from my Oticon Dynamo’s either. But I am curious about the exceeds. Hopefully someone who tries them can leave us a review.

thank god there’s always after my birthday

Tried researching the Xceed. If I am reading this correctly, they come in 3 levels.
Exceed 1 being top of the line with the 360 degree platform. Exceed 2, with some differences but with the 360 degree platform, and then Exceed 3 which will not have the 360 degree open platform.
Makes me wonder if the Exceed 3 is a updated version of the Dynamo complete with the Velox S.

Thanks everyone.

I will still see my audio/specialist and ask about the new Phonaks but I may still trial the new Oticon Exceeds depending on the “Terms and Conditions” attached.

Laura, I don’t have any experience of the “Dynamos”, I once tried Oticon’s “Sumo” model a lot of years ago and didn’t hear very well with them. This is why I have reservations about these new Xceed’s.

yep, they’re like an updated version with the same features as the Opns

No idea, I’m not that techy.

My friend in the UK as well, went from wearing Phonak’s all her life to trying Oticon. She had wished, she tried Oticon years ago as she finds she can hear the high frequencies a lot better. She is also profoundly deaf.

Timing is everything when trying to purchase new hearing aids with best technology possible, With that said I’ve not read anything about a certain “date” Phonak will come out with a Naida Up. Sure we can speculate but no one knows when the Phonak Marvel Naida Up will go live. Three months, six months, year plus - who knows.

That’s true. My audiologist is hoping for a Spring release. I am going to buy used Naida UP aids in December then try out the xceed and naida marvel aids next year.


That’s interesting, what your friend reports. I once tried Oticon Sumo years ago, but didn’t really like them. Which Oticon aids does your friend wear?

She got it on the NHS so believe it’s the Dynamo. She was wearing the Naida S V UP.

For almost a month now I have been trying the Oticon Xceed. The aid I had before were the Dynamo. The Dynamo were beginning to get feed back issues and didn’t seem to have enough clarity for me. The pair of Xceeds do not have feedback issues even when I cup my ears, I am hoping they stay that way. At this time I am very please with the sound. For the first time I am able to listen to TV and I am trying to learn how to use the extra mic that the iPhone gives me. At this time I am trying to understand how to use the iPhone with them. Sure wish there was others that could guide me. Maybe in time.


GLI, Could you post your audiogram please.
There may be people here that can help you with your iPhone. The Oticon OPN uses the iPhone. So maybe they can help.

you had me on no feedback issues! (I got that issue which is common with alot of earwax lol)

A short review of the Xceed models from my first impressions looking closer at it.

The Xceed is the successor of the Oticon Dynamo.
Since UP or SP BTE are not the high sellers compared to medium to power performance instruments, the hearing aid manufacturers usually develop the hardware of such a form factor only once for a chip platform. Probably with some FW upgrades later or improvements, but in principle we can expect such a new product only every 6-8 years. (Dynamo was a hardware redesign from Chili which was launched in 2010, Dynamo in 2015 (?).
Looking at the Oticon Xceed UP data, we can see that this BTE has the highest gain performance in the market, which is also shouted out loud by marketing. There is always a dB-race in the industry, pushing the physical limits further and further. Highest gain has always the highest risk for instability and feedback of course.

As far as I know both Xceed models are the first BTE UP-675 and SP-13 using MEMS microphones in the market (and probably the first launched MEMS product for Oticon at all). Meanwhile MEMS microphones are the industry standard.

I had already a deeper look and there are three interesting factors for the Xceeds to push the gain so extremely high and still keep the tendency of feedback under control:

  1. MEMS mics. They have a lower vibration sensitivity than classical ECM microphones.
  2. Oticon’s improved feedback canceller algorithm, introduced with the OPN-S family.
  3. A very special and innovative symmetric microphone inlet design. It has been designed very clever: when the air is stimulated by vibration, the mass of the air in the sound inlet counteracts the mass of the microphone membrane. Unwanted vibrations and the tendency to feedback will be acoustically (=mechanically) nearly cancelled out.
    It looks like this design has one disadvantage: it makes the space requirements of the inlet large in a way, that it will not be suitable for smaller BTE or other form factors, but that’s not relevant for them anyway.

As I’ve said, an UP-675 will not be a high seller but the Xceed models are in the moment one of the most innovative and interesting products in its class.
‘We break the laws of physics’ (says Oticon marketing).
If this is true, this would lead to a fail! What you can do is to define new physical limits. (As an engineer I am naturally in conflict with marketing) :slight_smile: