Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 - need to be programed?

I am currently trialing the OPN1 and the TV adapter 3.0 connected to Sony TV using the Toslink cable. Does the TV adapter settings need to be programed for optimal sound experience in the fitting software? Pairing & recognizing program worked as expected, but the sound quality and loudness needs fine tuning. It was not plug and play.
Previously I watched TV using the Streamer Pro w/ Epoch’s plugged into the headset jack either on the TV or Sound system, so I am accustomed to streaming directly into my ears. I also have a TV adapter 2 for Altas2 Pro’s but I preferred the sound of the Epoch’s watching TV. I want the OPN1 and TV Adapter 3.0 to replace this old technology.
I have another appt with Audi this week. I try to know ahead of time how to fix these streaming issues.
I have benefited from the expertise of this valuable and knowledgeable group for years. Thank you.

Yes, the settings can be adjusted in the Genie2 software. Streaming loudness, HA mic loudness and power bass if memory serves me right. @Volusiano may have posted a screenshot in another thread. Personally, I never adjusted the settings, but you can if need be.

Below is the Genie 2 screen shot for the TV Adapter.

If you like more bass, select the Power Bass level to High like how I have it in there.

If you want to adjust the sound quality, adjust to either Fuller on the left (probably more bass and mid) to Brighter (probably more high). You can also adjust the TV loudness to add more volume or remove more volume if necessary. But you can achieve volume control via several different ways anyway outside of Genie 2: use your manual volume buttons on the OPN, or adjust the volume level at the source that delivers the audio to the TV Adapter. The later (volume level at the source) may be a fixed volume level not adjustable, however, depending on whether that’s from a Toslink output or an RCA audio output.

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Thank you! This is what I need. The volume adjustments in my iphone was not changing the “sound quality”. Then I started fooling with the audio adjustments in the TV. I finally reset them to default until I get the Audi to make adjustments in the program. I can tell the TV adapter 3.0 is going to be sooooo much better than the original Streamer, Streamer Pro and Connectline adapter 2.0 - just need to get the sound and speech settings right.

I don’t know what kind of hearing loss you have. But if it’s the usual ski slope loss, you may benefit from the OPN’s Speech Rescue technology (frequency lowering). If you have Speech Rescue enabled and set properly in your default Program 1 setting, the TV Adapter will pick up this setting from Program 1 when you’re in the TV Adapter mode and you’ll be able to hear the high sounds of speech (like “s”, “sh”) much better. This should help you with better speech understanding.

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I have severe flat hearing loss. Audi says SR would be counter productive–move from one bad area to another - basically - my words, not his. I did have SR enabled for a few days prior to an updated hearing test and reprogramming from the automatic / suggested Oticon program I hated. I am going to try SR again after we get these fine tuned a bit better, so many adjustments - complete new program created. I did not feel I could evaluate the effectiveness of SR this week.
My new question regarding the TV Adapter after some adjustments were made to program in Audi office – On my IPhone, TV adapter has 4 levels for volume. I am struggling to hear comfortably. I’m not sure what the first two - mic left, mic right refer to and how they are supposed to relate to the TV Box Volumes. I had the left mic at 100%, right mic 57%, TV box left 59%, TV box Rt at 100%. I wasn’t looking at what I was adjusting, just trying to make the movie sound reasonable. I was surprised at the imbalanced settings I settled on.
I am not sure what to tell Audi how to fix this or what to adjust. External Volume on TV was zero. Any suggestions? Sound quality was better, but maybe needs to be fuller?
I was watching on a TV input that I had not messed with the audio settings earlier, so it isn’t anything internal to the TV 's audio I don’t think.
I really had to fight not switching to my Epochs and Streamer Pro, but both are on borrowed time and I need to get used to the OPN’s sound & streaming freedom. Thank you.

Your audi is correct that with a flat loss the Speech Rescue is not useful or even desired. I wouldn’t recommend it now that you said you have a flat loss.

Regarding your TV Box question, you have the mic left and mic right because you had the “Adjust Independently” enabled in your MFI Hearing Devices setting. If you don’t need to adjust them independently, then disable this to keep it simple and only one volume control for both left and right. But if you do need to adjust them independently to achieve the right balance to your ears, then have your audi reprogram the left and right volumes in Genie 2 next time you see him/her so you only need to have a single AND BALANCED volume control next time.

The Mic volume on the iPhone refers to the mic volume setting on your OPN. The TV Box volume refers to the streaming volume from the TV Adapter. For example, if you don’t want your OPN mics to pick up any external sound while you’re watching TV then slide the Mic volume to the left most while have the TV Box volume at whatever is comfortable level for you. If you want to hear things normally around you while watching TV then have the Mic volume set to the default level (wherever you hear the default volume chime which is 3 short beeps).

The Mic volume slider not only affects the external mic volume control, it also has an effect on the volume coming from the TV Box as well. For example, if you increase the mic volume control to 100%, not only will the mic volume for external sounds be very sensitive, the TV Box volume will sound louder as well.

In short there are 3 different places to adjust the volume of the OPN mic for external sounds relative to the TV Box: 1) your manual buttons on your OPNs, 2) through the iPhone like you described above, and 3) via the Genie 2 software setting by your audi.

As for the TV Adapter volume, you can adjust it 1) from the source driving your TV adapter, 2) from your iPhone TV Box setting, 3) by your audi from the Genie 2 software, 4) your manual buttons on your OPN.

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Thanks for for your detailed explanation. Watching the noisy Super Bowl on a different TV, I reduced the OPN mics to 0% and TV adapter mics at the default setting. I was able to understand the announcers - yay! Also trying to use the mute button on the aids to control the outside mics. The IPhone gives a visual to the adjustments. I have a very short Audi appt this week. I will be in a few very complex / challenging environments this week, so hoping last weeks programming is satisfactory and Audi appt can be used for TV listening improvements. I appreciate your help.

Having trouble with default volume for TV box. Audiologist said it’s set to lowest level (1)in her software but when I connect to tv box it shows 16 in app (and 85% I think) in iPhone. Why is default still showing 16 which is too loud for me and I have to adjust it every time I connect to TV adapter box? Thanks for any help.