Oticon tv 3.0 adapter directly into audio card PCIE( with Toslink and S/PDIF) desktop computer

I would like to know if the oticon 3.0 adapter when plugging the TOSLINK cable directly into the PCIE audio card input (desktop computer), will it transmit the sound directly to my oticon device more normally as it happens on television?

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I think it should work, as you are just replacing a TV audio signal with a PC audio signal through an audio card Toslink output.

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I do not have experience with your proposed setup but I’ll hazard a guess.

Looks like the label says SPDIF Out? If the output of the card is PCM stereo or simple Dolby Digital (or can be set for one of those), then a TOSLINK cable from the PCIE card to the input optical port of the TV Adapter 3 would probably work to send the computer sound to your aids. A technical data sheet I found at Oticon lists only PCM stereo and Dolby Digital as the optical formats the TV Adapter 3 supports. I have read that newer optical encoding formats like Dolby ATMOS won’t work but I haven’t seen that addressed by Oticon. I would first try PCM stereo as it has lower latency (optical input of the adapter to hearing aid speaker) than Dolby Digital.

Good luck (sometimes needed with non-standard setups) :wink:

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The adaptor doesn’t give a toss(link) where the sound is coming from and works a treat off a PC with all the usual prescription benefits and low lag.


Thank you very much, it will help me a lot at the time of installation.

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@NixonHawk You are very welcome.

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I didn’t know about the incompatibility between simple Dolby and ATMOS and this will help me a lot when buying the right audio card.
Thank you very much for the useful information :slight_smile:

I came to warn you that the tv 3.0 adapter worked very well with the toslink connection (SPDIF OUT) with the motherboard (desktop) without the need for an audio card.
I was amazed listening to music with the help of Dolby Home Theater with bass / treble sounds.
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Just note that the Toslink input to the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 only supports Digital Stereo (PCM) and Dolby Digital only. If you send it DTS content or Dolby Atmos, it’s not going to work. But I think in most cases, one can select from the TV or PC to decode down to PCM from DTS or Dolby Atmos quite readily anyway in the case of DTS.

In the case of Dolby Atmos or DTS X or DTS HD or DTS Neo (all the more advanced forms of Dolby and DTS), SPDIF/Toslink doesn’t have the bandwidth as a conduit to support those advanced formats anyway. You’d need HDMI cables for them.