Oticon Streamer Pro Issues

Hi. Is anyone using the new Streamer Pro with an iPod Touch via Bluetooth? My old Streamer became unusable when the lock switch broke in the locked position. I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to Streamer Pro. So far I am regretting that decision. It is working very badly with my iPod, which is my primary use for the Streamer. I listen to music all day at work and really need to be wireless, so I use Bluetooth to connect the Streamer to my iPod. The old one worked very well. The new one is having trouble staying connected. When I stop the music on the iPod or disconnect the Streamer I lose the connection. I have to constantly play with it, forgetting the device and repairing and reconnecting, and then when it does finally connect the music cuts in and out for quite a while. It does finally start playing right eventually, until I need to stop the music again. It is so frustrating. I would like to know if the Streamer Pro is buggy or if there is something wrong with this one. The other issue is that I frequently like to have the hearing aids mics off while I am listening to music. Every time I disconnect and then reconnect, it forgets my previous setting and turns the mics on again. The old one never did that. Overall I am very unhappy with the Streamer Pro and I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues. Thanks.

I would Take it back. You can open up your old Streamer and manually slide the switch into the on position with a paper clip or jewelers screwdriver. The way to open the case is to start at the top of the Streamer(near the switch) and use the jewelers screwdriver or an x acto knife and place it on the side of the silver stripe facing the back of the Streamer and gently pry the back off by twisting the screwdriver, once you get the first locking tab loose, slide the screwdriver down about 1" and pop the next one loose Then each of the next three tabs are about 1/2" apart and continue down to the next one; there are 5 locking tabs per side. Once you slide the switch on simply snap the back on.

Thanks, I may try opening the old Streamer to see if I can get it working. In the meantime, I seem to have fixed most of the problems the Streamer Pro was having. I had paired the Streamer with my cell phone in addition to the iPod. I tried disconnecting it from the cell phone and clearing all pairings, and then paired it to my iPod again. The sound is no longer cutting out and I haven’t had it disconnect since then. Apparently it can’t be paired to both devices at the same time. The only thing I don’t like about it now is the issue that I mentioned with it not remembering my preferred settings, such as volume or mic on/off. Also when I stop the music with the Streamer it keeps playing on my iPod. With the old Streamer, the music would stop on the iPod when I pushed the button on my Streamer. Maybe they will correct these issues in an update.

I think Oticon must have a problem with the new Streamer or yours is defective. It should stop when you push the button on the Streamer. I have had problems with my old Streamer not staying paired with Apple products and use the patch cord that came with the Streamer to make sure I won’t loose the pairing if I’m using something made by Apple. Have you tried calling Oticon and see if they are aware of the problems and if they have an update in the works to the software to fix the problems you are having? I believe they had problems with the initial Streamer and came out with two updates over the years to fix various problems, so one might already be in the works, who knows. Good luck on solving the problem and if you decide to fix the old Streamer it should only take about 10 minutes.

There are several known compatibility issues between the Streamer Pro and iPhone 5, according to the Oticon website. The issues they list are:
Fails when handling multiple calls.
Streamer may send Bluetooth command to wrong phone if multiple phones are connected (play, pause, last number redial, voice dial).
Keypad tones are not heard when phone keys are pressed.
Phone may report is connected even though two other phones are connected already.
Phone cannot connect during TV streaming.
I would assume the iPod Touch 5G might have similar issues. There are actually only two phones listed as fully compatible with Streamer Pro (no issues), HTC Sensation and Wildfire. The old Streamer has many more compatible phones listed. I would hope that Oticon is working on an update.

Nowhere in the Streamer Pro instructions does it say that the music should stop when you press the button on the Streamer. I don’t think the original Streamer did this until a later update either. You have to wonder why products like this are released before they are fully functional.

The problem here is Oticon new what problems they had with the original Streamer and should of at least looked to see if the Pro had similar issues and corrected them before they released the new one for sale. Oticon isn’t alone in having problems with their streamers though, look at all the problems Starkey has had with their Surflink. I would email or call Oticon with the problems you are having and at least get them on record.

I have had the Streamer Pro for about a month… and overall i find the Pro very good… The only thing that i dislike is the new Pro does NOT have a low battery alert that can be heard while streaming… So unless you keep visually looking at the status light, you wont know when its about to die… The old streamer would beep low battery

They probably had complaints from previous Streamer owners about the audible warning when the battery was low and eliminated it from the Pro version. I know I jump when the audible warning sounds when my battery is getting low but I wouldn’t want it removed because unless you are able to see the “red light of death” you wouldn’t know the Streamer was about to die. What they should have done is give the wearer the option of having it or not having it, but as they say you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time.

Yes, i understand where some people dont like the low battery alert, but it would of been very easy to make it an option within Genie (like many options the Pro has) to either enable it or disable it. As a Police officer, I need to know ‘before’ my equipment dies of low battery.

For my older version Streamer I bought a Ryobi portable power source at Home Depot and have used it to recharge the battery when away from home, I also bought a car charger that I have used in a car that still has a lighter. The Ryobi unit will fully charge the Streamer in about 1 hour and you can still use it while it charges. The stores no longer carry it but you can special order one at the Service Desk.

jmorgis, do you use the Streamer Pro to listen to music and if so, does the music start and stop on the player when you press the aux button on the Streamer?

I am also disappointed that the Streamer Pro still does not allow you to listen to music in stereo. When I heard about the new model, I was sure that a major upgrade would include that feature. I know not everyone uses the Streamer for music, but those of us who do would really appreciate stereo sound.

I do use it for that also, I have it paired with my iPhone5… And yes, pressing the button on the Pro will start/stop the streaming…

Make sure your AUD modifies the streamer settings to allow it do that that… its NOT enabled by default.

But mainly i use the Pro for Phone Calls, and with my duty radio. So stereo would be nice, but not a show stopper for me


Pressing the aux button on the Streamer stops the streaming of music to my aids, but the music keeps playing on my iPod (inaudibly). If I didn’t stop it manually, it would just keep going. Yours doesn’t do that? If not, do you happen to know what the setting is in Genie that needs to be changed? Thanks!

Its the A2DP setting, i recall my AUD turned on all the functionally in Genie… Some of the features are OFF by default.

When they enable it, when your press the AUX, your ipod will stop playing music

I think this is the apt thread. I use the Alta Pro’s and the Streamer Pro. When paired with a phone, the incoming call in automatically answered and routed to the aids. The phone ‘answer’ software options are: press talk, any key, open clamshell. I would prefer to use the streamer control to answer depending on the situation. I am guessing the control is in the phone software not the streamer? Is this behavior consistent with what others are experiencing? Phone intelligibility via streamer is excellent. Mic pickup on the streamer is marginal. Wonder why there is no gain control on the mic?

Hey guys seems real easy to fix these problems your having, dump the the i(as in apple) in anything you want to stream with,you won’t find these problems with Sony Walkman or android products O:-)

Well, my iPod Touch 5G is only five months old and cost $400, so I’m not dumping it. :slight_smile: A lot of people use iPhones and iPods. I think Oticon should work on eliminating some of the compatibility issues with the Streamer Pro. There is no setting that we could find in Genie that would make the iPod stop playing when the Aux button is pressed on the Streamer. I would like to hear if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I contacted Oticon about it but I have not received a response yet. Other than that, the iPod and Streamer Pro seem to be playing fairly well together.

I note you use the Streamer Pro for phone calls, do you have any problems with the microphone? I use Skype via a laptop and the microphone is unusable.


Hi GFValentine,

I have the Streamer Pro and Alta Pro with no issues connecting to phones and PCs, the mic works with no issues and people on the other end of the call are not complaining about my voice being low. I’m using Android phone (samsung galaxy) and windows 8 PC with no problems at all.
Are you using Apple products? I heard there were issues with apple (iphone/ipad…)

I’m using a iPhone 4s, the original streamer, Oticon Agile Pro, lapel mic and late 2006 iMac with no problems ever. Oticon needs to engineer better battery consumption though. I presume more of us have iStuff, so when problems exist only they come to the boards. Most have no problems at all.