Oticon Streamer has a poor battery life.How to solve it?



I have the original streamer. I believe it started out as streamer 1.2 and was updated by software to 1.4. It has worked great for me for over 4 years. I just hope that when I get my new aids and the streamer pro 1.2 that they work at least as good.


I’m having issues my proline streamer. If I take the charging cord off it goes dead. I can only use it if it’s plugged in. It like happened over night. I don’t know what to do. Any help would be appreciated!


Batteries don’t last forever. Most likely given the age of your device, the battery probably needs to be replaced by now. How many years have you had it?


Streamers to the left on the picture had poor battery life.
According to service manual you have to break them (punch hole in the grey, on the sides) to open them.
But they can be opened another more kind way.


Perhaps I am missing something but I don’t see anything that describes the kinder way to open. I have an old series streamer that mother in law uses to read audio books and its getting to the point that the charge doesn’t last. I’d love to get it open and replace the battery


Is it the Streamer Pro, like the one on the right in sombodynobody02’s picture?

If so, the back can be gently pried off with a small knife blade or similar. There is a small recess in the back at the bottom, just under the Oticon name. That’s where you start.

Once you get the back off, you will see 5 very small torx screws. There is a sixth screw hiding under a small silver strip that has the serial number and a bar code. Just gently peel up that tape. Once you get those screws out, it’s pretty simple to disassemble it far enough to get the battery out.


Thanks for the quick response. Actually its the original streamer like the on on the left. in that picture. I didn’t realize it was an older model when I got it from ebay.but other than the shrinking battery life it has worked very well.


Well, I think I have another idea for you. How about buying one of those rechargeable USB batteries? Just connect it to the streamer and it will continuously re-charge as it’s being used.

That would probably preclude her wearing the streamer, but perhaps it and the battery can just sit on a table close to her.


yes, the best/easiest/fastest solution… as texasBob says - rechargeable USB batteries


Grandma is 99 and uses the streamer to listen to audio books. Using it for two years so far she has yet to understand that no one else hears the tablet that is playing the book. Neither does she understand that the book keeps playing if she decides to take a nap or walk out of range. Fortunately if she has it on the neck strap she doesn’t go beyond the bluetooth range, but when its plugged into the charger she changes chairs the aids unlink. She really enjoys the books though, and I am absoluetely sure she couldn’t handle an external battery pack, so I’m hoping to get it back to normal battery life.

I just had my iphone battery replaced by a local guy that did the whole thing for $25 installed and took only 10 min to get it done. I am going to give him the streamer and let him take a crack at it. If I get any good info I’ll get it back to the forum.


Update. The phone guy did not have a battery and showed me the ipod battery mentioned a few times and it does not fit. Maybe were looking at the wrong ipod. Anyway, this link


is what I ordered and received. It fits perfectly and works as new. It came with the correct plug, but I caught it was reversed polarity from the original. The phone guy knew it was just a pop in connector and switched to polarity in 10 seconds. He charged me $5 to open the unit, switch the polarity in on the connector, and close it back up. For me a lifelong electronics guy it was worth more than that to have a guy that works with iphones and other tiny electronics. I’d have gotten it open, but probably with some damage. All good!