Oticon Streamer has a poor battery life.How to solve it?



The Oticon Streamers battery with a full charge will allow you to talk on the phone, listen to music, listen to TV or listen to any other device though Bluetooth for 5 hrs max. If you listen to any audio device with the patch cord that comes with the Streamer you can listen up to 6 hrs max. One way to extend the use of the Streamer during the day is to plug it into your computer or an electrical outlet or a car charger while you are sitting at your desk or driving your car and also as I stated before you can purchase an auxiliary power supply that can be plugged into the Streamer if non of the above are available.


What a pain! Phonak’s ComPilot will go 12-15 hours without a problem. Yet the sound quality is way below Oticon’s streamer. It boggles my mind how these companies, with all their expertise, could offer such seriously flawed products. There were rumors that Oticon would come out with a new streamer this spring. Unfortunately, it did not happen.


I would probably go nuts listening to TV or music for 15 hours straight.


I think it all has to do with the size of the product. You can only fit so much in the package: electronics, microphone, battery, so you are kind of stuck with how long it will last on a charge by how big of battery they can fit in the unit. Everybody on the Forum complains about how big the Phonak’s ComPilot is and I’m sure the bulk of its size is the size of the battery in it. I’ve solved my Streamers short battery life with the Tek4 auxiliary power unit which gives my more than enough battery life. Yes Oticon needs to improve the length of time the Streamer will operate on a charge,but I don’t want to be wearing around something the size of a brick either.


It ought to be interesting to see what the battery life is like on the Starkey Surflink Mobile if/when it ships.

You are supposed to be able to place it across a room so the built-in microphones can pick up sound. It then transmits across the room to the aids.

I know Starkey wanted an FCC waiver that would help them extend the range of their remote controls.


That sounds like a good solution, Seb.I’m still in trial with both. My decision will be based on which one gives me the best results with speech recognition. Then I will have to live with one or the other of the remotes.

BTW, I don’t find the a size of the ComPilot all that egregious. It would seem like the Oticon with power source attached would be rather large as well.I do find the size of the buttons a lot easier to locate, and the “home” button, although easy to press accidently, is a nice touch.


The auxiliary power supply that I use plugs into the bottom of the Streamer and I drop the aps into my shirt pocket. The size is a little larger than a roll of quarters but lighter.


No it won’t happen, you need to wait for april when the new high end instruments comes out


Oticon answer to this, seems to be you buy 2 streamers and you are able to enable both to the hearing aids


the microphone on my 18-month-old streamer quit working suddenly. I could hear incoming calls ok, but no one could hear me. This followed months of having to – after dialing – switch into speaker mode, then switch back, for a party to hear my voice. Very frustrating. I have a new streamer remote on order from my audiologist, but think 18 months is way too short a life span for such a device. I am absolutely hooked on the system because i work by the phone a lot, but this is disappointing.

anyone had a similar experience?




Thank you very much for this idea.

I ordered one and two batteries. My biggest problem was that I got through the day OK and at night, when I sat down to relax - Beep - Red light - done for the day.

With the Ryobi TEK4 - I just plug it in to my streamer and relax.

Another bonus is that it comes with a full set of adapters and will do the same for my phone if need be or most any USB powered device.

Thank you again.



Glad you like it. I too have several batteries for the TEK4, even though the directions say it will hold a charge for a long time, I charge it every couple weeks to make sure it’s charged when I need it. I also have one in my truck, so I have it when I’m out and get the red beep of death. Unfortunately, the adapters that come with the unit don’t fit my cell phone.


Can you use the ryobi tek4 for the tv connectline instead of the adaptor that you have to plug in the wall socket? I want to be able to use the tv connectline using the microphone option outdoors where there are no electrical outlet.


Yes it will work. It is basically a spare battery that comes with a short cable and adapter that allows you to plug into the charging port of the Streamer and charge it while you use it. The TEK4 Portable Power Source has to be ordered through HD.com since they no longer carry it in the Home Depot stores.


I have the Ryobi 4V battery with an Oticon streamer. When I attach a fully charged battery, the small green light on the streamer does not come on. I’m assuming it should blink like it does when connected to an Oticon charger. Is this normal?


If the Streamer is fully charged and you plug in the TEK4 it should glow green unless the TEK4 battery is dead and needs to be charged.


Well, like I said, it’s a fully charged battery (I know this b/c I also have their drill that operates off the same battery). I did notice that there are two adapter plugs that both fit the streamer, one marked “M” and the other “B.” Not sure what the difference is.

I guess what I’ll try is letting the battery run down on the streamer, then connecting the battery to it and seeing if it recovers.


does anyone know where to purchase a new battery for the Oticon Connectline Streamer… I called the company and they wont sell to the public… I’ve taken it apart no problem…

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They also charge a ridiculous amount to replace the battery( I was quoted $200) not bad for a $4 battery and two minutes work. The Apple Ipod nano battery is the same size has twice the amp hours giving it longer run time than the Oticon battery. You will have to cut and solder the plug from the old battery onto the nano battery, but once done the Streamer will work like new.


Thank you…I’ll try that.

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Thank you…I’ll try that.