Oticon OPN Vs Signia NX Vs?


Currently I am using a pair of Alta Pro RIC (Hidden Hearing H330) with P100 Receiver. (hearing lost around 85Db).
My particularity is that I hear well high frequency and that is why I need good sound processing.
For the work environment I use Oticon Streamer + Phonak Roger X + Pen + Mics. The problem is that I cannot handle the differences between Phonak and Oticon sound, and that is I use them extremely rare.

Now it’s time for a new pair (used Alta pro over 3 years), that has a decent work environment integration.

One big plus for Oticon OPN is the IFTTT opening, that should simplify the access to different mic’s and Bluetooth speakers.

The minus is the Velox 2 years older development.

In the past I used Siemens Motion 700P with good experience and Phonak Naida S CRT IX with extremely bad experience.

Another aspect is that I sweat a lot, and because of that the Alta pro were into service way too many times.

Can I ask suggestions for brands present in Europe ?

It is already available for the phone which has keyboard entry. IFTTT on aids is redundant.

I think same brands are essentially available worldwide. There are offshoots, but it’s basically: Sonova, which makes Phonak and Unitron, Wm Demant: Oticon, Sonic, Bernafon; GN: Resound; Widex; Sivantos: Signia, Rexton; and lastly Starkey. Widex and Sivantos have merged, but are still largely separate.

I’ve yet to hear anything terribly useful come out of IFTT.

Widex, Oticon and Bernafon have reputations for being better with music (you don’t mention music specifically, but your emphasis on “sound processing” makes me mention them.

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The emphasis on “sound processing” is because some of them amplify also the higher frequency, and this is hell for me.

Even Alta Pro does that in specific environments.

Any aid should have the ability to eliminate gain at any frequency, including high frequencies

Oticon Opn has poor options for FM connectivity.

Is there even any option for FM connectivity for the OPN? I’m not aware of any…

Does it need inbuilt fm options? As long as you have telecoil, you can get fm with a neck loop Fm receiver.

Never used Telecoil, FM.
Yes, Android direct connection would be appreciated, but I can live without it.

I am more interested in their reliabilty (I sweat a lot) and their sound quality (Phonak failed me miserably here).

As I understood, the rechargeable HA have no battery door, and therefore a better sweat protection.
Is that correct ?

Not with the Z Power OEM option offered by Oticon for the OPN. There’s still a battery door with this option.

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So one plus for Signia Pure Charge&Go.
How is Signia evolving ?

Siemens slowly went in shadow after implementing e2e binaural hearing (amazing for people with both sides loss, including me).

As I can see the main difference is in Processing Channels: 64(Opn 1) Vs 48(NX).
On the other way Opn are battery eaters (2,5 Days?) and and almost 2 years older.

The next step will be to discover the price differences here.

You can get the telecoil option and connect via a neckloop, but the signal is poorer.

Sorry, I thought you were using the Roger system at work. I suppose it’s not a traditional FM, but still you will only be able to connect it to an Opn via telecoil.

You are perfectly right. I am using Roger X pluged into Oticon Streamer + the rest.

I have absolutely no intention to keep using Roger. The sound difference between Phonak and Oticon is too much for me.

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I stream a lot and I get 4 days on the OPN.

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And just for comparison, I have Opn 1 aids, do no streaming at all, use Duracell batteries which are fairly inexpensive from Sam’s Club, and get 7-8 days.


That is why I asked here if the OPN battery statement was correct.
From what you describe is somewhat close to my actual Alta Pro, where ironically I use Phonak batteries (Varta in reality).

Anyway, I am not so willing to spend these money on 2 Years OPN / Velox.

There is no feedback from Signia Nx?
Also I managed to get a grab on an older audiogram (2011, when I was 25) and updated my profile accordingly.

Looks like you already made up your mind due solely on this criteria. So why bother asking? Just look for the most recently released platform and buy that hearing aid regardless.

You should see me when I bought my car :slight_smile:
I ask because I am not convinced that Nx is not just marketing.

Now, seriously, I already know what I am saying. I am interested in what others say.