Oticon OPN - sometime "volume" jumps on iOS app


I have been using Oticon OPS 1 for over a year, very much satisfied.
Controlling through the iOS app, enjoying the call transfer feature.

Just recently, something changed, and from time to time, the volume “jumps” spontaneously.
Its very much seems to be tied directly to the iOS app. As can be seen in the video I recorded here

Upgraded the iOS, removed the APP and reinstalled - nothing helped.
Any idea ? Someone else had the same problem ? Service center also doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

Thanks !

I have the OPN1 ITE aids and I have that happen to me and I believe it is due to the fact that I have my iPhone, iPad, and watch connected to my aids, if they get out of sync with the volume levels that they believe the aids should be on then my aids will keep changing volume level until I disable the Bluetooth on the devices and then reenable the one I need my aids on.

By iOS app, are you talking about the ON app on iOS?

I almost never use the ON app because I can change my programs and volume right on the hearing aids’ buttons.

At least what you can do is to try to turn off the app so it doesn’t connect it to your OPN to see if this random volume jump disappears. If it does then at least you know it’s the ON app that is causing it to happen.

Who knows, maybe by trying this out, you’ll find out that you can manage volume and program control just fine directly in one step using the buttons on the aids (like I did), instead of having to do several steps to whip out the iPhone, then open the ON app, then adjust the volume or change program.

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My experience with an iPhone (ancient 6+) and a fairly new iPad and OPN S 1 hearing aids is similar. I have found that if the aids are paired with both the iPhone and the iPad, I get beeps and volume changes that I didn’t request. If I turn off bluetooth on either the iPhone or iPad, the issue goes away for me. I do not need to unpair. I just turn on bluetooth on the device I wish to use with the hearing aids and turn it off on the other.

WIth my previous OPN 1 hearing aids and old versions of the firmware, there were various issues (beeps, reboots, etc) but I haven’t seen that with my newer aids that have software version 8. You can check the version with the ON app. I don’t know what the most recent firmware version is for the OPN S as I don’t have a programming device.

So is the volume in the hearing aid actually changing ( going up and down) or just the iOS app?

Thanks !
I checked it, I have only one device connected

Thanks !
Without the phone paired, the problem disappear.
But I need the phone paired not really for the app but for receiving phone calls.
I’ll remove the app and see whats happening.

I’m not talking about unpairing the OPN from the iPhone via Bluetooth. You leave that alone, just don’t open the ON app and don’t connect the OPN to the ON app.

I have the iphone 7 and I use the ON app all the time, and anytime my aids are powered on and near my iphone the aids are connected to both the iphone and the app automatically. The only time I have issues is when my ipad has its bluetooth enabled. And I have now taken care of that by forgetting my aids on my iPad. I also have the ON app on my Aople watch and it make a great remote control, as long as I remember that my phone has to also be close by the aids. With my ITE aids the distance that my aids and phone have to be to each other is about 15 feet to make really good connection. But I can be almost 50 feet away from the TV adapter and still get great streaming. But the aids and the TV adapter uses a different protocol than my aids and iphone.