Oticon Opn S: How to switch audio to iPhone speaker when streaming

New Oticon Opn S user (So I might miss the obvious):

  1. Sometimes I want to share IPhone audio with my wife. There should be a way to easily switch to the phone’s speaker but I cannot find it.

  2. Along the same grounds, how do I temporarily mute the HA microphone?

In the Control Center. You might need to go to “Settings, Control Center” to turn on “Access Within Apps” if you want that.

Enter the Control Center. In the upper right corner of the Audio control, you hopefully see a small blue flashing icon. Pressing that will bring up your audio output choices.

For your second question, if you’re asking for how to mute the HA output, I don’t know. That’s probably a “program” you’d need to have your fitter/audiologist make for you.


(1). I don’t have a “Control Center,” AFAIK. User control is managed via Oticon ON IPhone app.

(2) HA (Oticon OPN S miniRITE R) has 2 microphones on each side. There are times when it’s not desirable to be receiving (and processing) Sound In.

The “Control Center” is where you can access “quick” controls for things like turning WiFi on/off, etc. You can read about it at Access and customize Control Center on your iPhone and iPod touch - Apple Support

You actually don’t need the Oticon app in order to do basic control of your hearing aids (although that’s separate from choosing the audio output). You can read about that at Use Made for iPhone hearing devices - Apple Support

I must admit I did not think about turning the microphones off since I have unvented closed domes. I would get no sound at all in that situation (the domes acting as earplugs).

I have Oticon OPN S 1 aids that are paired with my phone. I also have the current version of the Oticon On app installed (version 2.0.3).

Control Center is part of iOS, at least the later versions. If you start Setting in iOS (12.4.6 on my older iPhone 6 Plus), then select Control Center (under General on my phone), you can turn on the Access Within Apps setting.

You access Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. With the Access Within Apps setting on, I can access the Control Center from within the Oticon ON app.

If I swipe up on my phone screen, in the upper right part of Control Center there is a Music section with a small blue icon (small triangle at the bottom with 3 circles) that allows selection of the sound output device. On my phone I am allowed iPhone, Stuart (hearing aids) or Living Room (a Sonos sound bar) where my hearing aids are selected by default (check on the right side).

In my version of the ON app in the remote control screen, there is a small icon centered at the bottom of the level slider for each program. It looks like a speaker with two rings in front. If I click that, the icon changes to a speaker with an x in front and the microphones in my hearing aids are muted. Click the icon again and the mics are turned back on.


Thank you! I got disoriented so couldn’t follow your earlier advice, which was fine.

You can mute the OPN mics in many ways.

  1. Easiest without even needing the iPhone is to manually hold one of the buttons on the OPN for a few second. Another quick click will unmute it.

  2. Through the iPhone ON app.

  3. Triple click on the home to get to the Hearing Devices control page and turn down the volume there.

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