Oticon ON app and Amazon Fire tablet

Hello everyone
I have recently had one more aid and one cross. I am desperate to install the on app. I try to get ot on fire tablet it congratulates me for installing it but it wont open? Any advice please

@opeter118: Welcome to the Forum.

As for the ON app … make sure that tou have enabled the slider switch that gives Oticon permission to push messages to your phone, or the app won’t work.

I suspect the issue is that you’re trying to install it on a Fire and although it’s OS is based on Android, it’s not quite the same. My advice would be to get an Android Tablet (or iPad) . Anybody here have any success using On app with a Fire device?


Thank you. I have a. Tablet being repaired which might be ok thank you. You have saved me a lot of time.

As someone that has tried the ON app will not connect to your hearing aids when installing on the Fire Tablet, I tried. The app did install but the Bluetooth is completely different. Sorry it just doesn’t work

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cvkemp – does that mean that you also cannot pick up sound, say from Prime videos on your Fire? I would love to be able to beam videos into my HAs. I have a Fire HD 8, 7th generation and Oticon OPNs…have wondered if updating to Mores would make a difference. I believe it’s Fire OS 5 (android 5.1 – Lollipop, API Level 22) with Bluetooth 5.

The only way I can with the Fire tablet is with the use of the connect clip. The ON app did install from Google Play Store but it couldn’t not connect to the aids at all. The tablet paired easily with the connect clip and the connect clip streams to the aids. It works great, just means extra device and charger.

Total bummer. Sounds like oticon is pushing you to buy their connector. BS. The aids are outrageously expensive! Maybe Amazon will make a new fire that will connect. I am NOT spending a couple hundred for something I don’t need. I have good Samsung buds. Yes, it’s a pain to switch out the hearing aids, but for a flight over 2-3 hours I will.