Oticon More Power BTE version availability

I am currently using Oticon OPN1 with the power flex mould speakers. I bought the pair 4.5 years ago, when I had moderate to profound hearing loss. Now I have severe to profound hearing loss. I no longer find the OPN1 to be satisfactory and need more powerful aids. Also, I can only use iPhone as a phone with OPN1.
As far as I can tell More has more powerful processor and more gain. Also the specs suggest that I can stream call audio to More aids thanks to new BT standard.
But the problem is that I have an excessive wax buildup and I had to replace the failed speakers several times over the years. Therefore I think that the BTE version would be more suitable for my needs and would be more reliable. Are there any Oticon reps here or some professionals with the close contacts who can divulge whether Oticon intends to release the BTE version in the current year? I can barely wait.

As far as I’m aware, the More BTE hasn’t been released or no information on when it’ll be released, has been released to us.


The Oticon OPN was released in the early summer of 2016. Almost a year later, in the spring of 2017, the BTE 13 Plus Power was released. If you follow this time table and apply it to the More, an educated guess is that the More BTE 13 PP will probably will become available by the end of 2021.

You can always ask your HCP to ask their Oticon rep for a more firm estimate.

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My Oticon selling audie recently told me she has heard nothing about an Oticon power HA with More technology. That doesn’t mean she knows but only that Oticon probably has not announced anything. But that is a good idea to ask her to ask the rep.

I had this same question to the forum. Should I get the Oticon Exceed UP (or Phonak Naida Paradise) or wait till More tech is put into a UP HA.

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The Xceeds aids are over 2 years old technology. The Phonak Naida Paradise UP are 84 dB gain and MPO of 140 dB. I am using a pair of P70 UP and battery life with the 675 battery lasted 17 days mostly in tv streaming. Either wait this year if Oticon comes out with power BTE with more technology or go with the Paradise aids. If you have excessive wax buildup then you need to have your ears cleaned more often. I have a ear cleaning kit and a flexible silicone screw like tip device to remove wax.

Before I bought Oticon OPN aids, I was cleaning my ears once a week. I have been cleaning once every 2 days for the past year. I now clean everyday.

There are only Oticon and Starkey aids available for purchase in my country. But I have been with the Oticon provider since my early childhood and they have lower prices. The quoted price for single Oticon More is EUR 1600 with 1 year warranty. I paid EUR 1500 for the pair of brand new Oticon OPN1.

I am no longer pleased with OPN because for example I can longer hear clock ticking sound even though the aids are now set to the maximum output power. Also the sound of movies on the TV seem somewhat low when set to volume 30.
So instead of waiting at least 6 months should I buy Oticon More with 105db receivers? Will be the upgrade be a vast improvement? I have been reading some Oticon whitepapers documenting the improvements over OPN S and the positive opinions of the owners.

You can put these 105db receivers on the OPN aids you have now. The sound would be very similar to the Oticon More aids. It would tell you if the biggest receivers will fit in your canals and if RIC aids were right for you.


I concur with Raudrive. It sounds like your issue is that your current receiver size is no longer powerful enough for you. If you’re asking if you should buy the More with 105 dB receivers, the presumption is that you’re currently not on 105 dB receivers. So what are you on? 85 dB receivers? or 100? If you’re on 100 then buying the More with 105 dB receivers will probably not help much. If you’re on 85 dB receivers, then you can try the 105 dB receivers with your OPN. You don’t need to upgrade to the More for that.

The More RIC may help further if you’re having clarity with speech or have lots of feedback issues. It’s not going to help by giving you extra power which is what you seem to need. For that you should either switch to the OPN S BTE 13 PP or wait until the More has the equivalent of that.

I currently have 85db receivers. Yes, there are certain situations where I have issues with speech clarity. I believe that since More can provide more clearer speech, it will be better choice.

I currently have an older iPhone and want to buy new Android, but since OPN only can stream to iPhone and does not have telecoil, I currently can’t use anything except my own iPhone.

If I were you, I’d try out the 105 dB receivers on the OPN first. This way you can confirm that the 105 dB receiver upgrade can solve your lack of power issue first. You’ll need a custom mold for the 105 dB as well. And if it confirms that you can get more and enough power out of it, you can always use this same 105 dB receiver and put it on the More if you want to upgrade to the More later, because the 105 dB receiver should be interchangeable between the OPN and the More.

If the 105 dB receivers can’t help you on the OPN, chances are they’re not going to be adequate for you on the More either.


Today I went to the hearing clinic to order More aids. But the director (also the former audiologist) told me that Oticon’s allocation of More aids would be delivered to my country only in September. Meanwhile the financial manager who had promised he would order More on my behalf, suggested to consider cochlear implants.

Have you had a cochlear implant evaluation yet? Would not hurt to get one.

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I don’t like the idea of my skull being cut and insertion of foreign object into my brain very much. So, I prefer to use hearing aids as long as I can.


It doesn’t go into your brain. It goes into your inner ear/cochlear.

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Yes, I know exactly where it goes. I was just lazy to go into specifics.
I don’t know, are there any former HA users that went cochlear? How vast was the improvement? Does CI help with discerning foreign-language speeches better? English is not my first language, so when I speak with the foreigners, I have a hard time understanding them and I feel very embarrassed. I once watched some obscure 90 minute American movie without subtitles and I could only discern 2 words and 1 complete sentence without any effort.

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Your questions have me wondering if you have done any research at all.
This forum has a cochlear implant section that will answer your questions and a whole lot more.

CI is pretty amazing!


Yesterday the speaker in my right receiver failed after 9 months of use. I will ask the clinic to put 105db speaker in the shell. Hopefully, More BTE version becomes available soon and I will upgrade by then.

MORE BTE is supposed to come out within the next few months


I’d try the 105db receivers. I have them myself(on the rechargeable Opn S1)and having started with the 85db ones originally it was time to get more power. They are larger but comfortable and suit me well. Highly recommended.