Oticon More blinking green on charger

My new Oticon More left hearing device was charged all night. However when I put it on this morning, it wasn’t working. I put it back on charger and it’s blinking green. Any idea what this means?

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To check to make sure it isn’t the charger place it in the other side of the charger. If it starts charging it is the charger otherwise it is the aid and you need to get to your hearing aid provider.


Good idea. The light is now orange, not blinking. Still very strange considering I charged it all night. This is a brand new device. I’m so annoyed. I’m beginning to think chargeable aids are not for me. I feel more confident having a pack of batteries in my purse to solve the problem.

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Everybody is different. To place blame on rechargeable aids because of a faulty charger seems a bit unfair. My aids come with batteries I have to change. Rechargeable just seems like too much responsibility for an old man like me. But to each his own

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I misworded. It blinked green on both sides of the charger, but the light is now orange. The battery should be fully charged. It’s the hearing aid not the charger. I’m not sure how I will proceed.

Question do you have the desktop charger or the smart charger? If the desktop are you sure the charger has power. Depending on the firmware version of your aids, the aids will power on if the power is not abled to the charger and that means the hearing aid batteries will discharged

The desk top charger. It’s plugged in and lights are on. it’s still orange after charging all day. The right hearing aid has green light.

I would assume the charger was bad seeing it s both aids are seeing the same issues.

The issue is only the left hearing aid, I believe?

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Yes only the left hearing aid. And now the LED light is still orange and only 41% after charging all day.

I’ve had these less than a week.

FWIW, I occasionally see this problem on my KS-10’s. Once both aids did not charge or charged only partially, other times it is just one.

So far, for every incident, it clears up if I remove the aids from charger & plug them in again. Apparently sometimes the electrical contact is not good enough.

And BTW, since lithium iron batteries can be degraded if left fully charged or nearly fully discharged, I usually turn mine off, put in dryer for 1/2 hr., then put in charger still off but wait until morning to charge. I’m “gainfully unemployed” (retired) & do not have to leave home early.

I believe blinking green means it’s charging but almost full. The first Phonak charger I got had a problem and needed to be replaced shortly after getting it (the aids weren’t getting charged at all), but the replacement has worked well for a couple years now. That said, on at least one occasion when I put my mostly-discharged aids in the charger at the end of the day, one of them went solid green indicating it thought the battery was full. When that happened, I removed the aid and then put it back in, and this time the light went orange as expected to indicate a normal charge cycle. Not sure if it would have figured this out and charged properly without my intervention.

Probably a good idea to get your charger replaced or at least checked-out by your HA provider.

@seabeast: I’m not sure this is correct. My aids have never blinked except when entering “pairing” mode. I’ll check in the manual. Stand by …

It says when it blinks green when placed in the charger it means the device has not been used for a prolonged period. I think the audiologist is the only way to get this one sorted out.

Update: it’s the left hearing aid, the battery is defective. Now it will only fully charge to 75% even after charging all night. The light never turns green, stays orange.
The right device charged and works fine.

The online supplier is working with the Oticon to find resolution. I’m upset though because the only reason I bought these “better” hearing aids is to go on my business trip to Seattle Monday :sob::exploding_head:

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@sonya_g: Ummm … they’re HAs, not a pair of shoes or a fashion accessory! They need to be tweaked and retweaked for them to perform satisfactorily for you. Plus, your brain needs weeks to habituate to the the new auditory input…

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Can’t tweak or retweak a defective device. The sound quality was fine.

I have OPN 1s and wanted an upgrade. Not sure how that was interpreted as a fashion accessory!

The statement was hyperbolic(al) … I just think our expectations for a new pair of devices are different. I expect any new generation device to take some getting used to, and not according to some arbitrary time line, either.

Can the aids be swapped in different positions to see if it is the charger position vs. the HA?


Tried that. The right works in both slots but the left will not charge fully in either

Thanks for the suggestion though

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Suspect the HA was not placed properly in the charger slot. When placed properly, there is an orange light, and charging starts until the light turns green. Or maybe there is a problem with the charger. Since when you place the HA into the charger again, charging starts. Then I would suspect the HA was not placed properly.