Oticon More adds disposable battery model and MyMusic program

I can’t seem to find an announcement of the replaceable batteries and the music program on the Oticon web site

Not sure why you need an announcement on the Music program from Oticon. It’s already available for use in Genie 2.

Not so interested in the music program— though the advert suggests it has been radically altered. But I’m waiting for battery fired aids. And this is the first real announcement I’ve seen. Have you seen another?

OK, I see why you mentioned the new Music program now that I looked at your link and saw the mention of it. I don’t think the disposable battery version and Smart Charger are released in the US yet, although the word on the street seems to be soon, like maybe in Q4 of 2021, if not end of Q3.

Not so fast, my friend!

Launched 8/12/21

The last link states it’s available in the ON app, but my android version, which updated last week doesn’t include MYMusic.
Maybe not in USA yet?

Well the ON app for iPhone hasn’t updated for about 4 months. I have the More1 aids and would love to see the ON get an update that makes it worth something.
Now my Audiologist emailed me to say that my aids should get an update sometime after IOS 15 updates. And normally the ON updates about a month after a major update to IOS.

Maybe the MyMusic program is tied into the next More update.
That would make sense, since i don’t see how much the ON app can change the overall music program so dramatically .

My Audi told me last week, the replaceable 312 battery Mores are available to order beginning August 31th to be delivered mid September. I have an opportunity to switch out my More 1 (still in trail) for them - hard decision. It depends on the battery life.

Regarding the Smart Charger, it is only avail for new More orders at this time. I want a backup charger if I keep the rechargeables.

Another appt this week - maybe I will find out more exciting news!

Edited: Removed TSA regulations stated incorrectly to avoid confusion on Smart Charger.

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I now have three of the desk chargers. One on my night stand, one in my office, and one in my go backpack along with a backup battery pack that will stay on even after the aids are fully charged. And m audiologist knows I want the portable charger and f he can get it for me he will but more than likely not until after the VA contracts update the first f November.

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It’s the opposite. “Portable chargers or power banks containing a lithium ion battery must be packed in carry-on bags.” They can’t be checked.

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Thanks for these 2 links, @flashb1024 ! Yeah, I got confused at first and thought the OP was talking about the standard Oticon built-in Music program. But then I read the link he provided and found out that it’s a different/special MyMusic thing that’s being released.

Yeah, if the reaction from More users has been very positive for music listening already even without this new MyMusic stuff, I wonder how much different it’d be once this MyMusic thing is released. It’d be interesting to learn from More users what they think about MyMusic after they’ve had a chance to use it.

The other interesting to know is whether the music experience with the More 3 would improve substantially with MyMusic or not, considering that it doesn’t have the Clear Dynamics feature (the 113 dB SPL wide dynamic input range) that the More 2 and the More 1 has.

PS. I read through the whitepaper for MyMusic and the take away point of it is that they show a 72% higher preference for MyMusic compared to the original built-in Music program. They claim to have put as much work into it as trying to come up with a speech fitting rationale, although they wouldn’t technically call MyMusic a fitting rationale.


This is a strange update, a new manual program with more of a treble boost than previous music programs!

What makes this peculiar is More has DNN capabilities and should be able to understand music… Could they not program the neural network to understand music and automatically activate this program?

Phonak has figured it out and they also use a DNN/artificial intelligence system based on real world recordings to train their algorithms…



From what I understand the music program has been created to process sound differently. In terms of hearing rehabilitation, speech is not treated the same as music.

I don’t think the fact that it is a manual program is due to problems with identifying the music. I understand that the processing of music or speech in a given sound environment is so different that it is up to the user to decide whether to prioritize music in that environment or speech.

Imagine being in a restaurant with music, the hearing aid detects music and automatically switches programs. Perhaps the user wants to continue prioritizing the intelligibility of the speech, so music is not a priority in that environment. Secondly, imagine at a concert, it may be just the opposite.

So the most appropriate thing is for the user to decide what they want to get priority from the hearing aid -speech vs. music- in environments where music is always present. The hearing aid does not know if there is an intention to actively listen to the music or not.


I think @tenoch ‘s answer is spot on about this. Don’t forget that with the default program or the built-in Music program, listening to music on the More is already excellent based on the feedback of many More users. So it’s not like the More doesn’t know how to process Music the normal way already. But this MyMusic is an extra step/effort above and beyond the normal processing to help make music sound even more pleasing, but at the expense of not optimizing for anything else but speech. So it makes a lot of sense to let this be the users’ choice to select. Otherwise, the user can just leave things in the normal P1 default program and still be able to enjoy music and speech clarity at the same time, albeit not as good an experience with music as it could have been with MyMusic.

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Same here. I will be placing an order next week

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The My Music program does not rely on AI.
It is customized like a pair of high end stereo speakers, or headphones, specifically for different music inputs.
I just enabled it on my More 1’s, but haven’t played with it, yet.

Good point, @Volusiano I really like the sound of music in the general program almost as much as the music program on the More’s vs OPN & OPN S

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Just put some Melanie De Biasio on streaming from Deezer HQ, and MyMusic

It ain’t hype.This is comprable to good IEM’s, not earth shattering bass, but just enough, and mid & highs are crystal clear.
I’ll test on speakers later


It still amazes me to hear great experiences from us HOH when it comes to music.
When the aids are set up right music can sound good! Any aids. Had to throw that in.


Touche, my friend.
Actually, I was having a lot of issues with the audi’s programming, so I just set these up using my script, and some minor tweaks.
It is definitely the MYMusic program.
They sounded good with the default music program, but when I updated today, it is very apparent that music is much better now

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What did you have to update, @flashb1024? The Oticon ON app? Or add the MyMusic using Genie 2? I assume the earlier since that’s what they’re saying, but it’s interesting that it shows in your P2 program and not as a special mode, like the MoreSound Booster.

It doesn’t seem like MyMusic is available for the OPN or OPN S, only the More. So it must be taking advantage of something on the Polaris platform to make it possible.