Oticon More 1 Rechargeable Battery Replacement

Just got a battery replacement form my Oticon More 1’s.

Asked the Audi to see the packaging… The model number is:

Z22A / 3.8 Vdc / 20.0 mAh
LI-ION Battery

Looked in EBay and found a pair for $184…. Just to satisfy my curiosity… not looking for a second pair….yet :slight_smile:

Definitely doable if you have the Noahlink wireless and the Genie s/w



Yikes!! That ($184 a pair) is way too expensive.

I believe you can get them for less than half that price!


I didnt shop around so thanks for the tip. I agree $184 seems way high and wouldn’t have done it at that price. Was just happy to see it was doable. If i can get a battery for under $50 it suddenly removes the battery anxiety i have when they begin to last less than a full day…. The current set lasted about 18 months before i felt they didnt last long enough to survive a day of heavy streaming and then TV at night.

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That’s interesting, less than 2 years for you. I was guessing that rechargeable batteries would last 3 to 5 years before replacement would be required. Maybe a 3 to 5 year life is too generous.

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I guess maybe I’m not the typical user in this area… I stream 5 or 6 hours a day using a TV adapter on my computer for work while on Teams and then watch an hour or two of TV at night…

lately i would have to recharge the HAs after work for 30 mins just to last until the end of the evening.

Mind you Genie would still say that the batteries were good and did not call for a replacement… I only convinced the Audi after getting a replacement HA which came in with a new battery…

I think the biggest enemy of the Oticon Lithium-ion battery longevity (not the same as daily capacity) is to avoid running it down to almost zero charge where you start to hear the low battery warning chime. Topping it off for 15 or 30 minute in the middle of the day or whenever you have a chance to avoid running it down almost completely by the end of your day would probably go a long way in making the batteries last 3-5 years instead of 2-3 years.

If you wait until your battery capacity is diminished greatly after only about 2 years before topping it off some time during the day will help make it last longer for that day, yeah, that will help make it last longer, but by then your battery capacity is already diminished greatly and topping off is only a stop gap measure at that point, instead of topping off being a preventive care measure.

I think ideally, if at the end of the day you’ll mostly find your battery to still have about 30%, then it’s probably OK to not bother topping it off mid day some time. But if you only have 20% or less by the end of your day without topping in between, then it’s probably wise to try to top it off in between if you can just to simply avoid running down your batteries to too low a level by the end of the day.


The on off again Ebay seller has them listed again.

Careful!! I first posted about the on-again/off-again EBay seller on a topic that was seeking to find sources for replacement batteries. Now that phrase has been picked up by another member and has been posted repeatedly!

Though I can’t be sure yet, I think the purpose of these repeated posts is to advertize the EBay sales of these batteries. Worse yet, They are priced at double the price you could get elsewhere!