Oticon More 1 R - DIY battery replacement?

Curious to know if it’s possible to replace battery in Oticon More 1 miniRITE yourself? And if so, where would you get the battery?

I believe only an audiologist can replace? I was wondering if a workaround has been discovered?

So far, IMO, my old OPN 1s are looking like the better option.

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Oticon More 1 Li battery can be removed with special tools ( not sure the iPhone SIM eject pin is able to do it). Have to buy the special Li battery suitable for Oticon More 1 (eBay or Varta Germany) replacement. Need to reset the date of installation in Genie 2 software so the HA could monitor the usage of the rechargeable battery. There is a blog with a video on this in this website. Not sure anyone has tried it. Hope they can share the info with us. Happy reading.

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Has anyone had an audiologist actually replaced a more battery in office? Mine had to be shipped to the oricon for serving. Granted that was at the peak of covid supply chain issues.

@SpudGunner has had a battery changed in the office.

The pin tool opens the batt door. Battery looks the same as replaceable ones. Taken it out, a little plastic clip hold in. Easy.

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Jan1, have you changed your Oticon More rechargeable batteries without resetting with Genie 2/Novalink?

New to this forum and would like to learn how to change the rechargeable batteries for my husband and myself. We are away from home a lot, so are not always near our audiologist. Am seeing a couple differing opinions as to the necessity of resetting.

Many thanks!