Oticon More 1 Firmware 1.3 Update - Bluetooth issues

I have been having issues with the the quality of the audio (over-modulation distortion) when using my More 1s to stream audio and also with the app recognizing my aids since the most recent 1.3 firmware update. Also, the bluetooth connection disengages from one side or the other more often than it used to since the update. Anyone else run into these issues?


Did you forget your aids in your phone then reboot your phone and pair your aids again? If not give it a try. Also, the ON has always caused connectivity issues for me, and I have given up on it and just deleted it.

I’m not having the same problems as you but since updating to 1.3 firmware the volume on my iPhone seems lower than before the installation. Is anyone else having this issue? Can the preset volume for streaming to the iPhone be reset by the Audi?

I am on phone calls many hours a day and have not experienced weirdness other than the usual. For me, MFI streaming is pretty solid and there is the occasional interference as well as the sound going from one side to the other but not what i would call “distortion”. Nothing out of the ordinary. In one occasion i had a poor quality call and thought that is somewhat “normal” for this… I have not asked but people tend to volunteer when you don’t sound ok and haven’t had that. This is all in a quiet office environment… not in a noisy setting.

Hope that helps.

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“Also, the bluetooth connection disengages from one side or the other more often than it used to since the update. Anyone else run into these issues?”

After updating a client’s hearing aids, he is experiencing this issue with a Samsung Galaxy s10+

Before the update, everything worked perfectly.

Excuse me if this is the wrong place to ask, but - does the iPhone SE 2020 platform support this new hands-free feature? I can’t get my phone to work with it …

Jim some say it does because it has the iPhone 11 chipset. I have disability it for two reasons, you still have to answer the call from the iPhone, and according to my audiologist it causes even greater battery drain. And since I updated to 1.3.0 my right aid is using even more of the battery than my left aid. Not sure if it is the battery in the right aid is dieing or if it is just due to the updates. I still have to disable the Bluetooth for the ON app to use the TV adapter, and sometimes to use the connect clip. But it is normally after the battery level of the aids go below 60%.

@cvkemp: Hi, Chick, thanks fpr the comeback. My SE2 doesn’t come up with the screens shown here on this site but everything is up-to-date. :frowning:

Interesting, I am sure you have done a restart, I had to before it shows on my iPhone 13. I also had to forget my aids and pair again

Yup. I have done everything that you usually recommend when troubleshooting, including forgetting/repairing.

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I am not sure what is going on, the ON app has taken spells of not connecting to the right hearing aid, the other day it seems on its own while I was outside it kept trying to connect my aids to the TV adapter, I had to disable Bluetooth on my iPhone to stop it. This morning the ON app wouldn’t connect to the right hearing aid, I ended up deleting the app and installing the app again to fix it. The iPhone never lost connectivity to either of the aids. And the other day when it kept trying to connect to the TV adapter I noticed the iPhone control panel didn’t show the aids trying to connect to the adapter, and that both aids were connected to the default program. I am about ready to give up on the app again.

@cvkemp: Watch out, Chuck! It may be trying to contact :flying_saucer:The Mother :rocket: Ship :flying_saucer:

I have the jssue where the program does not recognize my left hearing aid of the More 1s and then after a while suddenly it does. I also get hearing aid drop outs when the right aid, not the left, will drop out and then if I go in and then tap the app or make an adjustment, it will come back. I have come to accept this as the technology as it exists. It appears that Oticon does not update their app unless they have to.

Currently, (today) the right aid appears to be fine in the app but the left aid is not recognized as functioning. Both are working fine and the app appears to change programs for both, just not separately. This may be a programming bug since instead of displaying the single bar for combined settings, it is displaying one as operating and the other as not operating. Probably is a quick fix.

I would say forget your aids on your device reboot the device and pair again. Also, I have completely deleted the Oticon ON app from my iPhone and have notices improvements in battery life of my aids and iPhone. I still have times with my aids will disconnect from my iPhone while using the TV adapter, but I believe I have located the issue and looking for a way to take care of the issue.

Interesting about battery life being better after deleting the app.

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