Oticon miniRITE R - Strange Noises at random times

I’m very new to hearing aids and received my first set about 2 weeks ago. Since I got them at random intervals there is a sound that is quite debilitating (not because of volume) but because of the odd noise it makes. It isn’t a whistling noise as I could describe that quite easily.

I’m posting it here but I did also send this information over to my audiologist for help, she’s been fantastic!

It’s almost like a fluttering but it distorts both of the aids enough that it throws me off and I can’t hear the sound that triggered it. I have narrowed it down to the following:

  • Keyboard typing has triggered the random noise (mechanical so you can hear the key presses)
  • Music isn’t triggering it consistently but it does happen at random times while listening (not streaming directly)
  • Zoom/Microsoft Team meetings at random intervals trigger the random noise
  • Listening to the TV will also do the same as all the above but at random times
  • Conversations it will also happen and sometimes when I am speaking or the other individual is speaking
  • When it happens the noise that triggers it isn’t a very loud noise

Is this common and should I just learn to deal with it? Have you had this and how did you work to get it resolved? Any tips on narrowing down the issue?

I did try random videos and when it happened I noted the time in the video and repeated the sound but it’s not consistent which is annoying me.

This sounds like it is the feedback suppressing of your aids, it act like sound compression trying to prevent the feedback squill that can happen. The only time I get any feedback is it I old my hands over my ears and aids.

Try to have your HCP check the Automatics page (see screenshot below) and if Feedback Management is set to Normal, try to change it to Low to see if it helps remove it. Many people complained about hearing a fluttering, so Oticon updated their firmware and software to include this Low setting to help remove it. So it’s no guarantee to help in your case but it’s worth a try.


That’s awesome and I will let her know… really appreciate the screenshot as well!!

My audiologist made the adjustments today and I haven’t heard the sound at all. Thank you for taking the time to post such helpful information. She knew exactly what to go and even updated the firmware to 1.4.1 on the Oticon More 2’s. Very happy!

Glad to hear you were able to get your firmware update on top of the Low Feedback Mgt adjustment. I guess it’s a common enough problem with your HCP’s clients as well that she already knew what she’d have to do.