Oticon intoduces Vigo and Vigo Pro

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Oticon Introduces Vigo Pro and Vigo
SOMERSET, NJ — Oticon Inc has introduced Vigo Pro and Vigo, two full product families of premium performing hearing instruments at price points that enable cost-conscious clients to benefit from state-of-the art hearing technology.

Vigo Pro and Vigo are based on Oticon’s ultra-fast RISE platform, delivering more bandwidth (8 kHz) and significantly higher levels of processing power. The combination of more high-end features, better sound quality, more discreet style choices and an easy, straightforward fitting process set a new standard in the mid-price segment and set Vigo Pro and Vigo apart from any other product family in their class, according to the company.

Vigo Pro’s technology is said to outperforms “last generation” premium and all mid-priced hearing instruments. Vigo Pro’s DecisionMaker 2™ reportedly controls five premium instrument features: Multiband Adaptive Directionality, Tristate Noise Management with Voicefinder™, Automatic Adaption Manger, VC Learning, and Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2. DecisionMaker 2 is designed to provide even experienced users with an easy and seamless listening experience, a smoother adaptation period, fewer manual adjustments and easier handling.

Vigo Pro’s TriState Noise Management system uses the voice-detection technology “VoiceFinder” to detect and prioritize speech with great accuracy, even in the presence of noise. It is designed to automatically reduce unwanted noise without reducing the volume of speech, allowing for a very comfortable listening experience. In addition, Vigo Pro features automatic VC Learning that “remembers” the user’s volume preferences in different sound environments and automatically adjusts to specific situations.

The Vigo family, set at a lower price point, ensures that cost does not prevent price-conscious clients from enjoying the benefits of advanced technology and superb sound quality, reports the company.

Vigo Pro and Vigo are available in a broad range of colors and a full range of styles from small CICs to slim BTEs. Both families offer a new Corda2 thin tube style and discrete RITE styles providing users the best options for natural sound quality.

For more information about Vigo Pro and Vigo, visit oticonusa.com.

Source: Oticon Inc

They Need To Start Putting Datalogging On Their Cheaper Instruments … I Hope They Listen!!

These aren’t the cheaper Epoq with Bluetooth are they?

no. this is a mid price instrument…

Here’s more:

Company Announcement No 2008-03 6 March 2008

Major product launches from Oticon and Bernafon 12:45pm CET

Today, William Demant Holding A/S announced that the Company’s Hearing aid business will introduce a wide range of significant products under its two hearing aid brands Oticon and Bernafon. These massive launch schedules will significantly strengthen the Group’s overall product offering. The new products will be showcased at the AudiologyNOW! (AAA) convention to take place from 2 through 5 April 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

In the Premium segment, Oticon will significantly expand the market potential
of Epoq, by:

  1. Introducing a new miniature RITE-based Power BTE - a cosmetically attractive hearing aid for people with severe hearing losses who have so far not been able to experience the unmatched audiological user benefits enabled by Epoq’s unique wireless ear-to-ear communication. The Power RITE BTE style will be available to the market in summer 2008.

  2. Introducing Epoq V, a complete, new product family offering wireless features known from other manufacturers’ Premium products, but at a more attractive price point. Thus, Epoq V offers excellent sound and a very compelling feature set and is also offered at a price at the lower end of the Premium segment, thereby expanding the price span of the entire Epoq family. This allows dispensers to target an even broader segment of customers with a solution offering user benefits that may otherwise only be found at the very high end of the hearing aid market. Epoq V will be available in all styles and will be released for sale at the time of AAA.

  3. Adding new features to the entire Epoq product range, e.g. a new
    anti-feedback system, matching the performance of the very best systems on the market, and the opportunity to use an FM receiver on the micro-BTE, which opens up new important possibilities in the paediatric segment.

In 2005, Oticon introduced Tego and Tego Pro, which probably became the world’s best-selling hearing aid families ever. At this year’s AAA, the Group’s already strong position in the mid-market created by Tego will be strengthened further by the introduction of Vigo and Vigo Pro, two full product families consisting of premium hearing instruments offered at price points that enable more cost-conscious end-users to benefit from state-of-the art hearing aid technology.

The two Vigo families are based on Oticon’s ultra-fast RISE architecture. The combination of more high-end features, highly improved sound quality, very small BTEs and an easy, straightforward fitting process sets Vigo and Vigo Pro apart from any other product family in their segment. They are available in a broad range of colours and in a full range of styles from small CICs to slim BTEs. Both families offer a new Corda thin-tube solution and discreet RITE styles, providing users with the best and most natural sound quality. Vigo and Vigo Pro will be positioned in the upper mid-market at prices slightly
above Tego and Tego Pro, which are expected to continue as active products.

Vigo and Vigo Pro are suitable for all types of hearing losses within the mild to severe range and will be released for sale at the time of the AAA convention. Vigo and Vigo Pro as well as Epoq V with its unique small BTE housing and the possibility of DSL fitting and integration of a new small Amigo FM receiver all offer great potential for paediatric fittings. Also in connection with AAA, a new strong paediatric programme will be launched to
support the fitting of children from infants to teenagers.

At AAA, a completely new upper mid-range hearing aid family will be introduced under the Bernafon brand: the new product called MOVE offers advanced adaptive functionality based on the user’s lifestyle. The automatic program has a choice of nine different signal processing modes. Furthermore, a new copy program function and freely configurable programs make MOVE easy and fast to fit for dispensers. The large range of BTEs includes a micro-BTE with a T-coil, and all MOVE BTEs are suitable for open fitting by means of the modular thin-tube system Spiraflex and come in attractive housing colours. MOVE will be released for sale before summer 2008.

they are pushing pediatrics a lot, they do want to be a serious contender to phonak…
I think it is time for them to introduce a new super power…

I read William demant lost the lawsuit, against sebotek (or some small company with only open fit products ) i think. If im not mistaken… this company had also file lawsuit against siemens and phonak as well?
I wonder is the feedback canceller 2 something they had develop themselves…

I read somewhere this same company licence its tecnology to starkey… Hence them launching their new wave instruments…

It is about time they put datalogging on a mid price instrument…

The VigoPro is VERY similar to the Epoq V - there is no point buying th vigo-protho as it is the same price and does not have bluetooth compaitibility!

I bought the Vigo Pro, but I have an opportunity to “upgrade” to the Epoq for the price difference between the two. That price difference, however, is quite significant – $2000.

I am currently experiencing feedback issues with the Vigo Pro. Is there reason to expect that those feedback issues would be lessened with an Epoq?

\yes epoq has binaraul feedback manager-
make sure your instrument has the lastest firmware on it

Vigo is now bluetooth enabled

call vigo connect

We are approaching the end of the lifecycle of the Epoq…