Oticon Genie 2019.1 download

There is a new update out for Genie - it is version 2019.1.1. My Genie software update utility just notified me about it and I am downloading it now. No idea yet as to what changes it includes.

I have installed the new update but can not find anything new so I have to assume that it was bug fixes of some kind.

Has anyone else installed it? If so have you found anything new or different?

I downloaded and have started installing Genie 2 2019 and now 8 hours later it is still only 70% installed. It installed fine on my Windows 10 laptop but does not seem to like my Windows 7 Desktop. Anyone else had this long install issue?
I use an install tracker and could see it creating registry keys and new files for more than 5 hours, but does not seem to have done anything for the last two hours.

Here are the system requirements for Genie 2 from oticon:


Based on this it looks like Genie should install and run on Windows 7. I have not tried installing Genie on a Windows 7 machine myself so I can’t say for sure what the issues might be but I.recommend trying the install over again Be sure to reboot your system before doing the reinstall and make sure you have Windows 7 updated with all the latest updates from Microsoft.

I also finished downloading the 2019.1.1 SP1 Build 6.23 158 and opened it up but I’m not sure what’s new in there either. Isn’t there some kind of update notes somewhere that says what’s new in an update?

I got that yesterday but also was not able to detect any changes. So far I have not been able to find any sort of update log from Oticon that denotes the changes made in each release. If anyone finds such a thing please be sure to let us know.

From their website it appears the main change is to support the OPN S range. This is the site text on new features in the Service Pack


Transfer Settings

In 19.1, we have added new functionality to the Transfer Settings tool. You can now transfer sound controls, local controls and indicator settings for all assigned listening programs. Transfer Settings now starts automatically when new hearing aids that differ from the present session are connected or selected. Alternatively, you can still access Transfer Settings from the Tools menu.

OpenSound Booster - New OpenSound Navigator profile

The Oticon ON App has a new booster feature for increased on-demand listening assistance. We have improved OpenSound Navigator in Genie 2 with a new Very High profile allowing programs to be fitted with the same level of help.

OpenSound Optimizer

We have made several changes to the fitting experience which lets you take advantage of the OpenSound Optimizer in the new Oticon Opn S™ and Opn Play™ products. Same acoustics now allow for more stable gain.

The extra gain is automatically used to reach the rationale target when needed. The predicted feedback limits have been replaced with an Unstable gain indicator. The Unstable gain indicator uses live measurements from the hearing aids without affecting the fitting flow.

It also provides continuous visual indication of unstable gain or feedback risk. When the feedback analysis is complete, Genie 2 shows the unstable gain or feedback risk in specific frequency bands.*

Updated Visual Indicators

We have reorganised Visual Indicators to support new features:
1. LED pattern with three cycles for programs and listening states which reduce power consumption.
2. New Shut down LED pattern for miniRITE R.

Thanks for posting that notice from the Oticon web site. It is good to know what changes they made to the Genie software in the latest update.

Big hello. Who has Oticon 2019.1 zip file or latest software update zip file. Mine is old from 2017 and couldn’t update new one. PM me please and thanks.

You should be able to get the Genie 2019.2 software from here:



The UK link above seems to no longer work. But you will likely find others. Or you can ask.

That is correct, you can now get the Genie software from a U.S. web site here:


The Canada site (which can be reached from the US website) has a newer version for some reason. Though the older version could be brought up to date with Genie Updater.

Hmm, that’s very interesting. Have you (or anyone else) tried the newer version yet?

Does anyone know what the difference is between version 2019.2 and 2020.1?

Oh, no it can’t be brought up to date. Genie Updater says no updates.

I downloaded the 2020.1 version and installed it. When it installed it replaced the older version automatically. I have run the new version but at first glance it appears the same as the old one. I didn’t spend much time with it though - I’m sure that there must be some changes.

My auto updater also downloaded 2020.1 today for me and I installed it.

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Is the software only available for windows?

Yes, as far as I know the Genie software is only available for Windows.