Oticon Genie 2019.1 download

I notice that an updated version of the Genie software is available on PVC’s thread for software downloads. I have tried to download this from the UK site multiple times and each time the download fails before the entire file is downloaded.

Has anyone been able to successfully download Genie 2019.1 from the UK site (or anywhere else)?

If so, would it be possible to put the file in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder for access for others?


That would be frowned upon by Admin(s). Why not just wait a while; keep your pants on?

It fails quickly now for me too now. But what’s the hurry? I think it just Adds Opn S1, Opn S2, and Opn Play 1.

Thanks for the heads up on the new features. I wasn’t able to find anything about it on the Oticon web site. I’ll keep trying to download it but will hold off for a while before I try again.

Do you know if it has a new version of firmware for the OPN aids?

I don’t know…

Download failed partway through but resumed through VPN to London server. Successfully downloaded. “What’s New” document attached.

197482US_BOOKLET_Genie_2_2019.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Try it again. I was able to download it from the UK-:uk: rather quickly.

Thanks for the “What’s New” document. That’s very good info.

Ok, I’ll give it another shot. I have a slow connection here so it may take an hour or so.

Installed without drama and connected to my OPN1s. No notification of any required firmware updates. The only obvious change with a quick look is on the selection screen. See pic.

Try Tools/Open Oticon Firmware Updater
Be careful though, old batteries could brick them if you proceed.

Did that but I am using Noahlink wireless and updater will not recognize and connect aids until I connect my miniPro. But as I remember with the last update there was a nag screen on the main program telling you to first update firmware. Since Genie knows the firmware level of my OPNs is v6, and I have no nag, I assume for now there is no firmware update I need. Incidentally, thanks for the lead to the new software.

It’s like George Bush senior said, No New Firmware updates. Oh wait, I think he said something else, maybe No Nude Texans, or something like that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, I was too lazy to hook up the miniPro. So no firmware updates for OPN 1/2/3 series, not sure about the others.

Well the others are brand spanking newly added in this 2019.1 software release so it would have to be the latest firmware.

There are two comments in the “What’s New” document that lead me to believe there may be a pending firmware update to the OPN series.

“Older versions of Oticon Opn hearing aids need to be updated to support the new fitting features. Oticon Firmware Updater lets you update the hearing aids to the newest firmware version released in 2019.1.”


"OpenSound Booster - New OpenSound Navigator profile

The Oticon ON App has a new booster feature for increased on-demand listening assistance. We have improved OpenSound Navigator in Genie2 with a new Very High profile, allowing programs to be fitted with the same level of help."

There is no indication of the Very High profile for Open Sound Navigator in my Genie 2019.1 version. Just the current three: Low, Medium, High. This may be one of the features that will require a firmware update.

Speculative, I know.

No joy on the download. I’ll try it again in a day or two.

I tried the TV Adapter and the ConnectClip on the new firmware updater for 2019.1 and I’m up to date on those, too (2.1.1 for the TV Adapter and 1.31 for the ConnectClip).

I wonder how we would know about new firmware for the original OPNs. Normally, the last 2 times, they actually just came with the new Genie 2 release. But this time they didn’t. Does that mean that we’ll have to the next major Genie 2 release?

I’ve played around with the Genie 2019.1 version a little bit. Beside the addition of the new OPN S and OPN Play, I also notice some slight look and feel changes, although I don’t notice option changes per se.

I reduced the volume of the TV Adapter in 2018.2 because it tended to be too loud for my taste, but I didn’t notice any difference based on this change. But now with the 2019.1, I finally notice a reduction in volume as expected. So looks like maybe they did fix a few minor bugs in the 2019.1 version as well.

Could be a standalone firmware release that would appear via the Genie Updater.