Oticon Genie 2 Software availability

Hi there, Just joined and looking to pick your brains if I may.
I have a pair of Oticon OPN aids, which generally ar OK but could I feel do with some fine tuning, particularly in the noisy environment department. My audiologist is a lovely guy, but seems massively unfamiliar with the software and is reluctant to make any adjustments to the standard settings.
Is it possible to get a copy of the Genie 2 software in order to have a go myself? I believe I will need a Noahlink programmer as well, they seem readily available, whereas the software requires a business log in to access it.
If I can obtain a copy I will doubtless be back for advice on recommendations for settings etc.
Many Thanks



Hi @MIkeQ , please check your private messages. You need Noahlink Wireless as programming device for OPN and OPN S.

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Yes this is problem for just about everyone, a very good way is to take your laptop into these situations (coffee shop in your local mall) and you can then do this on the fly.


Hey firenzel, can you please shoot e the link for genie too?

Many thanks for the link, finished installing and updating just waiting for the Noahlink Wireless to arrive. :grinning:

Just downloaded all the relevant files from “DIY School”, they’ll give me something to read whilst I am waiting.
Once again many thanks.

Genie 2 Link forwarded. Check your messages.

Hey Mike, I would really appreciate if you could send me the link for Genie 2 as well! Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum, don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects, most likely the Noahlink wireless for OPN HAs and later.
Do read the user guides as well, very handy for setting up the first time.

Hi @tenkan ,

Would it be possible to get a link to the latest Genie 2 documentation please? I have the 2023 Genie code but not the pdf that instructs me on how to use Genie program. My Noah arrives in a few days and I’d like to start tuning my Real 1s. As a first step, my Connect Clip no longer works as a remote mic (it never worked connecting to my Mac without audio cut out) and I think I need to clear the CC / Real pairing and start over.

I tried going to oticon.global/professional URL but didn’t see any path to downloading the Genie documentation.

Thanks very much, Drew

Hi there, sure I’m guessing you mean the software right, the user guide is very handy as well.

@firenzel Have Oticon Real 1, looking for Genie2 SW to complete the wireless link. Thanks kindly.

Welcome to the forum, you want a “wireless link” ? You may mean what wireless programming device do I need, in that case it’s the Noahlink wireless programming device.

@firenzel 1 week user of Real 1s and not so happy. Would you please be able to send me a link for the genie2 software.

Thanks so much

Hello there, could anyone please send me the link for the genie software too. Thank you very much.

Welcome to the forum sure it’s available, have you got the correct programming device, most likely the Noahlink wireless,do read the user guides as it’s very helpful for setting up the first time.

Would it be possible
For me to get the link too, please?