Oticon ConnectClip upgrade from 1.1 to 1.3


I recently bought an Oticon ConnectClip v1.1. Unfortunately I cannot connect my Oticon Opn to it (but the phone works).

It could be a problem with the version, the connectClip is v1.1. Hearing aids specialists use v1.3.

Do you know how I could upgrade it?

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Question do you have OPN or OPNS aids. The connectclip 1.3 is only for the OPNS aids. And the connectclip 1.1 is only for the OPN aids.

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Thank you for your answer.

The reference is Oticon OPN MRITE PU. Therefore I assume it should be OK ?

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yes there are many different styles of the OPN version of the aids as there are many different styles of the OPNS version of the aids.

I managed to pair the ConnectClip 1.1 with my phone (Xiaomi).
The phone also finds the hearing aids.

But I cannot find them with the ConnectClip (I wait for the flashing yellow light on the ConnectClip, turn off and on the hearing aid and… nothing)

I had the same issue with my hearing aids and connect clip and one time my Audi had to replace my connect clip, and the other time my Audi had to do something in his fitting software to get my aids and connectclip to work. Unless you are someone that does DIY you will have to have your audi to find out if it will connect.

So are you saying that you can connect and receive phone calls through the HAs but nothing else works?

On the older StreamerPro you could update the firmware in Genie software, have you got Oticon Genie2 software? if so you could then try and see if it’s possible.

there are issues with the connection of the aids to the connect clip. Once my Aids were updated to the latest version my aids would not connect to my connectclip. My connectclip was replaced due to some unknown reason. Then my aids were sent in for a repair and upgrade to give my ITE aids program controls, when I got them back they would no longer connect to the connect clip, and my Audi this time manage to reset something in the Genie2 software then my aids would connect. there just is some issues with the aids firmware and the connect clip. I do not know what it is. But I do know my Audi had to get help with the issue both times from Oticon reps.

Also I know this if the connect clip firmware cannot be updated to 1.3 and still work with my OPN aids, and the connect clip firmware cannot be at 1.1 and work with the OPNS aids that I am planning on getting this summer.

So I downloaded Genie 2. Nice software.

  • It detected the TV Adapter (I did not update to latest version)
  • It detected the Connect Clip (v1.13.something, this is the last version)

But I cannot connect the Oticon Opn hearing aids (I even tried to plug my phone with a link to the computer with both hearing aids connecter by bluetooth : does not work).

I’ll ask my audioprothesist.

It sounds like you have the same issues I had with my first connect clip and my aids, and my connect clip had to be replaced. Then the second time my audi was able to make a change in the Genie software and my aids connected. The other thing you can try is to hold all three of the buttons on the side of the connect clip until you see the red light on the top on i belive one of the leds. This will completely reset the connect clip and wipe out all of your bluetooth connections on the connect clip. Once this is complete power off the connect clip then try to pair the aids to the connect clip. It may work and it may not.

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You cannot connect your OPN models to the software without the programming interface, you’ll need a FittingLINK or Noahlink depending on what the exact model on OPN you have.

I have a ConnectClip - it is listed as a ConnectClip 1.1 when it is connected to my Apple iMac via Bluetooth. On a Window 10 PC, the Oticon Firmware update program (part of Genie II) lists the firmware as version 1.13.0 which, at least a few months ago, was current. The firmware update program connects to the ConnectClip using USB.

The above ConnectClip works fine with my OPN S 1 miniRITE hearing aids (I’ve had them for about 7 months). Prior to that I had the original OPN (1) miniRITE hearing aids and they also worked with the same ConnectClip. My ConnectClip is probably one of the original ones as I had to wait a long time to get it after I got my original OPN hearing aids about 3 1/2 years ago. The firmware has been updated by my provider at least once.

However, the hearing aid programing setup done by Genie has to include the ConnectClip and that needs to be done, in my limited experience, whenever the firmware is updated in either the hearing aids or the ConnectClip. To do that programing yourself, you need either a Noahlink Wireless or an older USB connected device with the appropriate flat cables to connect to the hearing aids. Firmware updates for the OPN hearing aids have to be done with a wired setup according to my hearing aid provider. The firmware of the ConnectClip is updated with a USB connection to the micro USB/charge port in the ConnectClip (same for the TV adapter 3). The programing of the updated OPN hearing aids can be done using the Noahlink Wireless or the wired interface after the firmware update with the wired setup.

You will probably need to forget and then pair the hearing aids with a ConnectClip (or TV adapter) after a hearing aid firmware update. You might also find it useful to remove all pairings in the ConnectClip - Press and hold the Multi-button, Volume Up AND Volume Down for 10 seconds - status LED goes BLINKING RED (page 39 of my online version of the Instructions for use book, page 37 of my printed version). Then pair with the hearing aids and only with the devices needed like a phone or computer. On the same page there is a note that only one connection works at a time but up to 8 devices can be paired. The ConnectClip will connect to the first phone/computer/device available/in range according to the book.

Good luck - these connection devices can be “fun” to configure and use. Once working, they can be useful but still frustrating at times. My ConnectClip insists on connecting to my Cisco Bluetooth VOIP phone at work instead of my computer. I have to disconnect using the phone menu system and quickly connect using the computer (Apple MacBook Pro) if I wish to use the ConnectClip to relay sound from the computer to my hearing aids. The VOIP phone sees the ConnectClip as a “headset”. At home, the ConnectClip will not work correctly with my iMac Pro unless I use a Sennheiser BTD 800 USB dongle (provided with my ConnectClip) instead of the built in Bluetooth in the computer where the built-in Bluetooth in the work Apple notebook seems to work fine. Go figure …

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Thank you for all your answers. Unfortunately I have to stay at home at the moment…

I’ll keep you informed when I can meet my audioprothesist.

My ConnectClip shows up on my Windows 10 laptop a 1.1, yet I’m using it with Opn S hearing aids. Is the 1.1 bluetooth descriptor different from the version of the firmware?

Yes - my Connect Clip shows as 1.1 (windows 10) but the firmware as shown by the Oticon firmware update utility that is part of Genie 2 gives the firmware as 1.13.0 and shows it a current as of earlier this week. I have used my Clip with both the original OPN and now OPN S 1 hearing aids.


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Thank you for the reply.


I am getting back regarding the issue that I had with the Oticon Connect Clip. After the lockdown I asked to my hearing aids provider to update the firmware (of my hearing aids) with Genie 2. he did it, and now everything works perfectly.

The sound is really better it is a significant improvement for me.

Thank you,


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