Oticon Connectclip replacing batteries

I’ve had my HA and Oticon Connect Clip for 18 months. I use the Connect Clip every day. I really enjoy the ability to listen to my phone and stream news.

However I have noticed that the Connectclip is not holding a charge like it once was. I assume the rechargeable batteries need to be replaced.

Has anyone had any experience with either doing this yourself or sending it in for service? Cost? Trun-around time?

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The connect clip is sealed so it would have to be done by Oticon. The only way to get your answer that I know of is to talk to your Audi.

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As far as I know, the user cannot replace the ConnectClip battery; I think has to be sent to Oticon for service. However, your audiologist can replace OPN-S rechargeable hearing aid batteries in the office. It just takes a special tool to open the sealed hearing aid case.

I think could easy disassembly it. Not a hard thing if you ever disassembled a notebook. But how to do? I have examined and find a screw below the clip (turn to side) What is the next step? I would like to look inside as you.

This thread for those who would like to disassemble their gadget. Others give it to theirs audi.

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