Oticon Connectclip replacing batteries

I’ve had my HA and Oticon Connect Clip for 18 months. I use the Connect Clip every day. I really enjoy the ability to listen to my phone and stream news.

However I have noticed that the Connectclip is not holding a charge like it once was. I assume the rechargeable batteries need to be replaced.

Has anyone had any experience with either doing this yourself or sending it in for service? Cost? Trun-around time?

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The connect clip is sealed so it would have to be done by Oticon. The only way to get your answer that I know of is to talk to your Audi.

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As far as I know, the user cannot replace the ConnectClip battery; I think has to be sent to Oticon for service. However, your audiologist can replace OPN-S rechargeable hearing aid batteries in the office. It just takes a special tool to open the sealed hearing aid case.

I think could easy disassembly it. Not a hard thing if you ever disassembled a notebook. But how to do? I have examined and find a screw below the clip (turn to side) What is the next step? I would like to look inside as you.

This thread for those who would like to disassemble their gadget. Others give it to theirs audi.

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Hey Nocito I have tried the Opn with the Oticon ConnectClip. Great except I refuse to wear a Doofus looking clip on my chest or clipped to my shirt collar. I currently wear Phonak’s with a Compilot - but the compile has a jack for a mini microphone on a clip. I wear the Phonak out of sight under my shirt with the mini mike cord from the bottom of the Compilot under the shirt to my shirt collar where it is very inconspicuous. So before I buy the Oticon I want to know how to get the ConnectClip case open - then I will add the dongle / jack on my own. But how to get it open without breaking the case?? Have you figured it out?

Just remove the screw and from the bottom gently pry the case open. I have done it before hoping I could replace the battery, but it’s not replaceable. But it was a relatively simple procedure to open it up after you remove the screw.

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Wow - what a quick response! Thank You cop704! And My Audi will thank you also because that was the last item before getting the aids!!

My connectclip dies in a few hours now. I am self-isolating do to COVID and not making any trips I don’t have to make. So I wonder if there is a way that I can replace the rechargeable battery in the device.


This is old now and doesn’t appear to have any answer, but my Connectclip is also losing charge quickly. Has anyone found a reasonable way to replace the original battery?
The cover comes off easily, and the battery is sitting there, but there are two miniature Torx screws inside I didn’t mess with.

The battery is held in place by an adhesive. Pry on it from each side slowly, and it will come off. Snip the wires as close to the battery as possible. Carefully strip insulation from wires and solder same to new battery. Adhesive is not needed on new battery.
Leave two small screws alone.
New battery at ebay: oticon connect clip battery for sale | eBay
Luga has described battery replacement also.

Sounds simple enough. I’ll have to get a battery and give it a try.

It’s not as simple as it sounds. I should of stressed that if you aren’t experienced in soldering really small wires, you should try to find someone who is to do the work.