Due to Army blast damage have severe left ear hearing loss. Have been wearing aids since late 80's most Phonak or Oticons. Have worn 2 sets of Phonak. Have had the Audeo V and use the Copilot on a cord under my shirt with a remote mic clipped on the neck cord to the side of my throat. 

Just tap my chest and say call wife on her cell and it wold call right through. Constantly amazed people and I love it. Has worked so well I almost never use my land line at home or work. With constant use for 15 17 hours/day never had the battery fail after a full nights charge. 

Last summer tested newest Phonak -and they eliminated the Compilot and go direct to the phone. BUT cannot connect to phone in pocket. Deal Breaker. 

Am testing the Opns and after a horrible holiday season with full family and me constantly saying What? Sharp decline in comprehension. Had ears tested before new test to see what the heck. Answer - I had a dome buried deep in my right ear. As you can imagine HUGE improvement. But since I was there decided to try the Opns because I had thought their current clarity is better than my 4 year old Phonaks. 

Working to see how much better the