Oticon ConnectClip - audio cuts out

I just purchased the ConnectClip for my Oticon More HAs, and I can connect it to my phone and computer with no problem. The issue I’m having is that the sound cuts out for about 3-5 seconds every 30-60 seconds or so.

I set it up with my Apple iphone first and had this issue right away. So I connected it to my MacBook Air (turned off my phone to make sure the phone bluetooth and/or the ON app wasn’t causing any issues). But unfortunately I’m still having this odd connection issue. I don’t have this problem with any other type of bluetooth headphones with these devices.

And my HAs work just perfect streaming directly through the phone, which I used before I got the Clip. I’d just like to be able to use it for my computer and the mic feature.

Has anyone run into this issue? Did I just get a lemon?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/advice.


I use a ConnectClip for my Windows 10 laptop and it works fine. Never had a momentary sound cutout issue like yours. Never heard of such an issue reported on this forum before either. I highly suspect that you got a lemon. You didn’t say where you bought it, but if from a source that guarantees that it works, then you should try to get a replacement for it.

@melissa72 : I use my ConnectClip every day, for an hour or two, and - as @Volusiano has reported - I have never experienced an issue like the one you’re describing. I agree that you should ask for a replacement, because the ConnectClip is a great little device, if you have one that works properly.

I use the connect clip with my MacBook and also my fire tablet with issues of cutting out. I am wondering if it could be that you a losing connection due to notifications from you phone

Thank you so much for the responses! I tried the microphone mode with the phone completely off, and it is still cutting out. So I don’t think the notifications are an issue, but thanks for that suggestion!

I purchased it through my audiologist, and she told me to call Oticon’s support. She did say we could swap it out if it’s a lemon, though, which is good.

I signed up to post and I recently as of yesterday received the ConnectClip my audiologist ordered for me. It also is experiencing the exact issue @melissa72 has described here. I reached out to my audiologist for assistance as well since after re-pairing devices and resetting devices had no effect on correcting the audio issue.

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Mine is doing this exact issue
Check where I posted about it. Is it similar?

I had the ConnectClip replaced and so far I haven’t had any audio issues with the replacement. I’m not sure how long you had yours but I had just ordered and received the device and then had it swapped in a week due to the audio cutting out. Work with your Audiologist to have the device replaced as it’s most likely defective.

@bwjones:: Welcome to the Forum. FWIW, I - like @cvkemp Chuck - swear by my Oticon ConnectClip, and have had no trouble with mine since it was replaced about 18 months ago on account of variable signal strength.

I guess Oticon has decided it would rather deal with ConnectClip QC issues at the retail level than impose stricter QC parameters at the factory level. Strange decision - you’d think the latter option would be far cheaper for the company.

I Guess Oticon doesn’t even mfg. the CClip.
Have you compared it to other makes?
They all have the same general appearance, and operation.
So, I say the QC is provided by the vendor, and Oticon doesn’t do QC.
It’s prolly an OEM device.

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Hello! Just seeing this. I did end up getting a replacement, which has worked perfectly for me.

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@flashb1024: All this is true, but don’t clients of the OEM get to prescribe acceptable failure rates, which are managed by statistical quality control? The lower the acceptable failure rate of the jobbed-out device, the higher the unit price Oticon would pay the OEM.

This assumes, of course, that the OEM has some control over production line quality, which may not be the case.

We really have no knowledge of the failure rates.
I have 2 CClips, and have had zero issues.
If we had some idea of the volume sold and failure rate % maybe we’d be able to comment on it, but I don’t see too many problems reported with the actual device.

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@flashb1024: Fair enough. It still disappoints me that Oticon doesn’t take more care to provide apps and accessories that are at least in the same quality ballpark as their hearing devices.

The biggest downer for me is that none of the accessories are repairable. I figure - if you’re going to sell me something that I can’t get repaired - at least make sure that it’s well-made and won’t fail at a higher rate than the HAs.themselves.


I am having the same problem. I realized that the mike is doing the same thing. So definitely the connectclip problem. Sigh… I paid so much for these hearing aids and the connectclip. Ridiculous there is this big a problem and they can’t fix it. I have to use my computer for meetings and definitely need the connectclip to hear.


My connect clip has the cut in and out issue. I took them to the audiologist and Oticon said since they and more then 12 months old that there was nothing they could do. I just needed to replace them. Needless to say I’m greatly disappointed since they are less than 2 years old.

@user23: FWIW, Oticon’s treatment of accessories like ConnectClip, combined with their laughable app and incoherent product launch strategies (rechargeable/disposable version availability) have got me seriously looking at other brands (… other than Sonova-made) for my next set in 2025.

Sorry @SpudGunner if this makes you upset, but for me my Oticon More1 aids and to a little lesser extent my OPNS1 aids are good enough that I don’t need the app or even the connect clip. I do use the remote control instead of the app and connect clip at times. For me with no need for extra programs. I am to the point that I truly put my aids in my ears in the morning and forget about them.

@cvkemp: Why would your opinion upset me? I don’t use the app, but I find the ConnectClip useful. What I am unimpressed with is Oticon’s indifference to their customers and their preferences and finances.


I guess I am isolated from all those issues, I truly don’t see those issues as the VA shields me from those issues. I agree the connect clip is poorly thought out. I preferred the streamer pro I had with the Alta Pro aids I had even with it being much larger than the connect clip. But I have to say I haven’t had issues with battery life with either. For me if the aids are done correctly the other devices shouldn’t be needed. I say give Bluetooth LE another couple of years maybe less and the add on devices won’t be required.