Oticon ConnectClip and Multipoint Bluetooth?

ConnectClip does not appear to be multipoint bluetooth? Not sure if this is a complete showstopper, but I was hoping to pair my ConnectClip with my PC and my Phone. Right now, I was able to connect to my iPad, my Android phone, and my PC, but not all together. I was hoping to do at least 2, without having to disconnect. Is this a firmware thing (I have latest v5). This is a super common feature of BT headsets, why would they leave this out?

This is correct, at the moment the Connectclip can only connect to one bluetooth device at a time. This is close to a showstopper for me, especially because the much older Streamer Pro from the same company has this exact feature and it works fine.

I mentioned it to my audiologist to send it up the chain to his Oticon rep, with the hope that a firmware update will come to enable this key feature.

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I have tried to find a way into the Oticon technical product/marketing inner sanctum to get better information out of them, but they seem pretty locked down. I love their devices, but I hate having no way of getting intel out of them.

I wrote them over a week ago seeking information about which codecs are supported by the Connect Clip. I got the automated response and nothing after that.

Are there any Windows or Android programs that could interrogate the ConnectClip to provide this information? I could run them if so.