Oticon Companion app updated

Oticon has updated the companion app this morning. The Android version is now 1.2.0
It does seem more stable.

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Plus, you are now able to update the firmware of the aids via the app.

Great feature!

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Isn’t that only true for the Real platform?

Yes that’s how this should be done from all the manufacturers, when new firmware is released it’s a real PITA to have to go into your local clinic just for this, in time I’m sure everyone will be offering it.

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Good question. Maybe Oticon also included the Mores with the possibility to update the firmware.
The older generations still need to be updated via a cable as far as I know.

Opn, Opn S, More and Real are all updated wirelessly.

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Sorry, but OPN & OPN S use the older Velox processor which requires a wired connection.
Of course, it’s a moot point, since Oticon no longer supports the OPN line.
The OPN was the 1st Oticon able to be programmed via Noah Wireless, but not updated.


This app requires too many taps to do things. Since I normally only use the app when in social settings, I want to get into the app, make the change and then get out and this app is way too cumbersome to do that. You have to go through secondary screens to use the remote mic. Why? To change a program requires more than one tap. Not good. Looks like it was designed by a non-hearing aid user and wasn’t trialed. Quick and dirty update in my opinion. Sure the ability to do firmware updates with the app looks good as well as the remote care, but the other fixes aren’t fixes at all but downgrades from the On app. It also appears that the ability to do firmware updates through the app requires your audiologist to be involved. Anyone know if this is the case?

And just went back to the On app. So much faster and smoother an interface. I can turn on the remote mic with one tap, change programs with a single tap. All the important controls are on one screen except for the EQ. Very fast access. Unless I am going to get remote care, which my audiologist doesn’t provide or a firmware update, I will stay with the On app. ( I don’t use the Apple watch. No watch at all; just use my iphone for that purpose).

I have the More 1s and the app says that the firmware is current and there are no new updates. The toggle switch to enable Hearing aid updates is also present and can be turned on and off. I’m running 1.4.3 so there is actually no updates that I’m aware of…

Long story short, time will tell but signs are positive that the Moores might be supported… YMMV

I have the More1 aids with 1.4.2 and the app says i have the latest firmware, there is one difference my aids are from the VA so i have been told the firmware versions are a little different

Ah… Maybe my theory is not correct and the app is not handling the Mores correctly (with an error message that they are not supported for firmware updates perhaps).

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t recall seeing the audiologist using a wired connection with the Opn and Opn S, but it may be that I just didn’t notice.

I have More 1 aids and an iPhone 12 mini running 16.6 and the new version of the companion app. I seems to indicate that my aids are up to date and I would need to visit my audiologist for a firmware update to a more recent version.

I contacted Oticon to clarify firmware updates through the Oticon Companion app: The app can deliver minor firmware updates to Real hearing aids. For example, 1.1.0 → 1.1.x.

However, other updates (e.g. from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0) are still done in the clinic.

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Good information, thanks for sharing this. Maybe in the near future they can implement a major update through the app.

Thanks. Im a 12 mini running 16.6 too. Just updated. Mine looks the same except it shows I’m current at 1.3. We know that’s not latest fw so guess it isn’t working for mores. Oticon exchanged out my updated 1.4.2 More1 for a 1.3 More1 because of the connect clip problems. It didn’t fix them. Hoping they will come out with a fw fix soon and that we can update Mores via companion app

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I find it interesting, I have More1 aids with firmware 1.4.2, I use my connect clip, all the time with my Fire tablet without any issues with connectivity. I listen to audiobooks for hours at a time. I have also used the connect clip with my S23 phone when I wanted to be full hands free, with no issues.

I have 1.4.3 and More 1s and I get the same message. I assumed that there would need to be an audiologist involved since it would be very unlike Oticon to cut the audiologist who sells their product out of the loop. And perhaps they need to be involved to make sure that the firmware update is done correctly and doesn’t affect your other settings.

Yes, this is really strange. What can I say, but be glad you’re not experiencing the same problem as others. It’s incredibly frustrating to have your audio working fine and then it starts dropping out for no obvious reason. If I didn’t have my own noalink unit, I would have had to go back to my opn s and I probably would have ended up returning them.

What is the firmware version of your ConnectClip?

My connect clip came with my Oticon OPN1 aids back in 2018, and it is now paired the my More1 aids. Actually I have another connect clip that I use with my OPNS1 aids, which are my backup set.