Optical cable for Phonak TV Connector

I ordered a high-quality digital optical audio cable (toslink to minitoslink) that was a bit longer than the one that came with my TV Connector, but the cable did not work.

Does Phonak have some proprietary version of a digital optical cable or should my new cable have worked?

Thank you for any insights.

Not that I know of. I’ve used a couple optical cables. With the little 3.5mm adaptors too.
Was it that you wanted the longer cable?
Is that the V2?

Yes, I just wanted a bit longer cable so that I could hide the cable in my family room setup.

I think so. Is V2 the one with the power and volume buttons on top?

It is encouraging that you have used a couple of non-Phonak digital optical cables with your TV Connector.

I could not imagine Phonak using some one-off format for theirs.

Maybe I just did not get that new cable set properly in each socket.

I will give it another try.

Thank you for the quick reply.

This is probably a very silly comment, but these optical cables sometimes have small rubber caps at the contacts… But I suppose you saw the red light in the plug that goes into the TV streamer…

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Yes that’s the V2.
@RobHooft - I think you might have been directing that to user1217.

Yes, I did see that. Thank you.

Good to know. Thank you.

OK. Are you sure the clear plastic caps are OFF the ends of the toslink cable? If so, they can be plugged in. As stated above, if plugged in correctly, you’ll see the pinpoint RED light on the end of the cable:

(That’s the cable that comes with the Phonak TV Connector.) If you have a high end toslink cable plugged in, the RED light comes on like:

This is an Audioquest Forest toslink cable. It could be you got a lemon - if so, return it. Maximum length is 30 feet, but I doubt you got one even that long to connect TV to TV Connector?

Make sure there are NO kinks in the cable.

Thank you for the clear pics.

I think you are right. I think I just got a lemon cable. The red light was on when I plugged it into the TV digital audio out, and the light was red as I plugged the other end into the TV Connector, but it didn’t work.

I plugged the cable that came with the TV Connector, and it worked just fine, just a little short for my setup.

There were no kinks in the cable.

I have concluded that I just got a bum cable and returned it to Amazon. Nice, hassle-free returns.

Thank you all for your assistance. It was very helpful.

Ah! Hope that is the case and that you just REPLACE that one with another high-quality toslink cable. Check to see where it’s made. I tend to avoid ANYTHING made you-know-where. Not to say lemons can’t happen anywhere, but if you try a different manufacturer, you may find a cable of the length you need that WORKS.

Very frustrating to have these things happen!!!